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A wizard uses the Funisio spell.

Funisio is a spell that allows the caster to tie a knot followed by the type of knot he/she wants it tied in, typically of a rope or chord. For example, Funisio Square Knot would tie the rope into a perfect square knot. The spell was invented by famous wizard Richard Parvan, who needed it to tie various things around his house. After being patented in 1994, the Ministry of Magic tampered with the spell so it could not be used to strangle or tie snakes in knots, as the general public started to do.

The spell could be casted by pulling the wand up, making a small circle, and casting it back down. The caster would then say one of the Ministry of Magic approved knots. The Ministry published a book, Funisio Knots, by Parvan himself, to aide in the knots. A general poll told the Ministry Funisio was used for the half-hitch more than any other knot.

Several wizards created knots for the Funisio spell, but all of them were eventually approved by the Ministry. Some of these included the Dragon Knot, the Cauldron Hitch, and the Double Farmer's Loop. A similar spell to this one is Devincio.

Wand movement

As stated above, the spell could be casted by pulling it up, making a circule, and throwing it back down. At first, it was different. The spell could be casted by pulling the wand up and pushing it halfway down again, but this was cut by the Ministry because too many people were pulling the wand to far down instead of halfway.

After Funisio was invented, more and more people began to memorize the movement, and less and less people began to tie ropes manually. However, glitches in the spell also ocurred. If the caster pulled his wand up, made a circle that was not complete, and pulled it down, the rope would split in two. This was later fixed by the Ministry.



Richard Funisio

Richard Parvan experiments with the Funisio spell.

As wizards began to have trouble memorizing all the complex knots, there was a great need for a knot-tying spell. However, when no one stepped up to complete the difficult task, the famed wizard Richard Parvan began to work on the spell. He added only the square knot, the half hitch, and the double half hitch to the spell.

When he released the spell in 1993, the Ministry of Magic immediately took control of the spell and tampered with it. They added one hundred new spells, complete with a new wand movement. After the Ministry tampered with it, several different people all stood up to take credit for inventing it.

After many court-cases, Richard Parvan was eventually rightfully credited for the spell, and all the galleons were put in his Gringotts account. This served as the beginning for one of the most-used spells in the history of the wizarding world and magic.


As more and more wizards became accustomed to using the spell, the Ministry authorized a large, hardcover book detailing every single knot the Funisio spell could accomplish. Although the book was not a bestseller in the wizarding world, it sold over 10,000 copies.

More books came along with updated information in the years to come. Fudge himself used the Funisio spell to tie ribbons for a grand opening of a building. Funisio had become one of the most-used spells in wizarding history, and became a standard spell to be taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


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Funis Latin. Rope.

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