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Ferdinand Epans, is an American wizard viewed by some as an evolutionary wizard. At one point he acted as a key leader in the American Split. As a leader of revolution, he helped create the Department of Magical Affairs, becoming its second secretary for a two five-year terms. He is also the husband of Leslie Vale Epans and father of Kassandra Epans, Victor Epans, Janet Epans, and James Epans.

Ferdinand was born in England to Merton and Victoria Snape, he was the second oldest child in the family, the first being his brother Merrimus (or Merry). Even though his father was very abusive to his mother and brother, his father never laid a hand on him, not even to hug. Six years after he was born, his parents divorced and so Ferdinand moved to the United States, in Salem, Massachusetts, his family having to change is last name Epans. There, he went to the Wizards school where he became wise and powerful in the use of magic. At the age of 21 he made a voyage to England to serve as a representative in the Ministry of Magic. There he met Albus Dumbledore, who became a close friend for him. After a few trips back and to America, he eventually married his school sweetheart Leslie Vale (who was the daughter of Nonmags). A marriage that Victoria approved of.

Although Ferdinand was away a lot of the time, he was able to visit Leslie enough within the first 12 years to produce for children. First, their daughter Kassandra (who would become a great Quidditch player), then a son named Victor, then another daughter name Janet, and finally the second son name James (who was named after James Potter four years after the hero’s tragic death). He was able to find sometime for his children, but only Victor shared his interest in politics and magical power.

As a close friend of Dumbledore, he carefully listen to the wise wizard’s advice, joining in a sort of alliance with the leading wizards of Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Eventually, Dumbldore advised his friends that it was time that they declare Independence from the ministry, because it started to be corrupted. It was delayed by them till his son made a visit to Hogwarts and reported the death of Dumbledore. Along with his son, he witnessed his old friend’s funeral and with his fellow magicfoke of the Americas, caused the American Split. He also ordered his son to spy on the ministry on a few occasions and even to keep an eye on Harry Potter.

After the separation, he became helped create Department of Magical Affairs with a bunch of American wizards. Soon, after secretary Harrison Venerus served his first two terms, Ferdinand became the second elected secretary.

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