Template:Wizard individual infoboxEvelyn Stavroula "Evie" Zaghloul (born 8 November 2000) was a half-blood Egyptian witch of Egyptian, Italian and Greek descent. She is the daughter of Egyptian Seeker Rawya Zaghloul and Italian Seeker Alessandro Volpi. A product of a drunken one-night stand, her birth put her mother's Quidditch career on hold for awhile and her father, even after being informed of Evie's status as his child, wanted nothing to do with her. She is the goddaughter of Pietro and Fleur Maximoff, step-daughter of Bill Weasley and eldest half-sibling of Isis, Nenet and Osiris Weasley.

Due to her mother's hectic Quidditch schedule, Evie was essentially raised by her godparents at their manor on Montegona for the first five years of her life and became best friends with the Maximoffs' middle child; Donatello. When her mother married Bill Weasley in 2005, Evie moved in with them though continued visiting the Maximoffs at every opportunity. She began attending the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment in 2012 and was in the same year as Donatello, which she developed a crush on and began dating in 2017 after his birthday.

Physical appearance

Evie has been described as being a split-image of her mother. She had the same long, curly dark brown hair; however, Evie's curls are straight while her mother's are a little frizzy.