Ethan Lloyd and the Year of the Refugees is a novel by Eustace_Scrubb. It is the third novel in the Kaaterskill Chronicles series, following Ethan Lloyd and the Talisman of Table Mountain and Ethan Lloyd and the Phantom Ship.


The story begins as news reaches America of Lord Voldemort's coup at the Ministry of Magic. This event has repercussions in the United States, as the Department of Magic must reluctantly deal with an influx of muggle-borns seeking asylum from persecution in the UK. Ethan Lloyd initially has more personal concerns: he is not pleased when he learns the identity of his namesake; he's harassed by an alarming tramp in his hometown. After a detour to a remote island off the coast of Maine, Ethan returns for his third year at Kaaterskill Academy of Magic. As the year unfolds, he finds his own problems gradually merging with national and international conflicts.






Kaaterskill Chronicles (aka Ethan Lloyd Stories)

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