Ethan Lloyd and the Talisman of Table Mountain is a novel written by Eustace_Scrubb. It is followed by the sequel, Ethan Lloyd and the Phantom Ship.


Ethan Lloyd is a fairly typical boy living with his parents in Madison, Wisconsin, given to daydreams, reading X-Men comics and drawing his own, playing Little League and riding bicycles. That all changes in the summer of 1995 on his 11th birthday, when he discovers that he is a wizard and his parents are refugees from the wizarding world, forced into hiding after a disastrous encounter between American aurors and Death Eaters seeking to loose an ancient monster for their master.

Ethan leaves Madison for Kaaterskill Academy of Magic overlooking the Hudson River, where he becomes convinced that someone is attempting to recapture the talisman that is the key to the monster's prison under Table Mountain in Newfoundland. With his new friends Tim van der Meulen, a muggle-born wizard from Saskatchewan, and Anne Findlay, a fiery red-headed girl from an island off the coast of Maine, Ethan tries to thwart Voldemort's allies while learning how to use magic properly and developing a talent for magical art.






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