Ethan Lloyd (born 1984) was a half-blood wizard and the only child of Griffin Lloyd and Diana Bones Lloyd. He was born nearly three years after his parents went into hiding in the wake of the Table Mountain affair. Thus he was raised in Muggle society and did not discover that he was a wizard until he turned 11 in the summer of 1995. He is a tad short for his age and slight, with blondish hair, glasses over sleepy, blue eyes and a sharply-pointed chin. Somewhat given to daydreaming, he is also a talented artist.

With encouragement from his uncle and aunt, Bertrand and Eilonwy Belanger, Ethan decides to accept his admission to Kaaterskill Academy of Magic, despite some initial misgivings on the part of his parents. Once at Kaaterskill, he excels in his Magical Art and History of Magic classes. He soon finds that his destiny is somehow entwined with that of Hafgan, Voldemort's chief follower in North America.