Ethan Exham (born 1959) is the oldest son of Roderick and Cecilia Exham of suburban Philadelphia, descended from a long line of pureblood wizards. He entered Kaaterskill Academy of Magic as a member of Bradbury House in 1970. The following year his brother Benedict joined him at school, but was sorted into Tituba House. At school, he was a close friend of Diana Bones, Griffin Lloyd and Olivia O'Keefe. After Kaaterskill, he trained as an Auror. He volunteered to join the joint Auror expedition to Table Mountain, Newfoundland in 1981, but did not receive the assignment. Afterwards, he met Griffin and Diana Lloyd, the only survivors of the expedition, when they returned to the United States, and tried to convince them to return to the Department of Magic. They sought out Cyrus Flyte at Kaaterskill instead and later went into hiding. The following year, Exham was tried and convicted of spying for Voldemort and betraying the Aurors' mission to the Death Eaters. He was sentenced to a term in Azkaban to be followed by a transfer to the American wizarding prison, Autongamon. While in Azkaban, Exham's hold on reality became tenuous and he appeared mad when a team of American aurors arrived to escort him to Autongamon in 1997.

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