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Appears in the story:
A Simple Twist Of Fate

This article concerns the A Simple Twist Of Fate version of Ernest Macmillan; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions.

Ernest "Ernie" Macmillan (born 11 June 1980) was a pure-blood wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991 to 1998 and was sorted into Hufflepuff house. He was an academically strong student and good friends with Hannah Abbott and Justin Finch-Fletchley.



"My blood is as pure as that of your ancestors, Lance; I can trace my line back nine generations!"
—Ernie informing Lance of his pure-blood heritage.[src]

Ernie was born into the pure-blood Macmillan family that can trace its lineage back at least nine generations; his great-great-aunt, Melania Macmillan, is the great-grandmother of Julius Black, making them third cousins. Although he is proud of his blood status, Ernie is not prejudiced against those of other blood statuses, befriending and looking out for Justin Finch-Fletchley, a Muggle-born and Hannah Abbott, a half-blood.

Ernie was raised in Macmillan House with his younger siblings - Peter and Annabelle - until he was six.

Hogwarts Years

Ernie began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September 1991. He was Sorted into the House of Hufflepuff, which values characteristics such as loyalty and friendship, during the Welcoming feast, and soon became friends with fellow Hufflepuff students Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones and Justin Finch-Fletchley.

Physical Appearance

"I'm not that fat, Zacharias; just a little stout - it comes from a good childhood."
—Ernie to Zacharias after the latter calls him fat.[src]

Ernie Macmillan was described to be a fat boy with blonde hair. He was also described as a "portly, blond boy" as well as "stout". When concentrating, such as during Apparition lessons, his face would go a deep shade of pink. He was chubbier and heavier than most students, but nowhere near as large as Crabbe or Goyle.

Personality and Traits

Despite being somewhat pompous, Ernie was loyal to his friends and always honest, traits of a true Hufflepuff. He would usually shake the hand of people he met in a portentous manner and speak in a somewhat ostentatious and presumptuous manner. He was never afraid to speak his mind, and could readily admit when he was wrong. As a student, he was hard-working and strived to get good marks.

Despite being a pure-blood and proud of it, Ernie never displayed any prejudice towards those of different blood status as many other pure-bloods did. In fact, his three closest friends at Hogwarts were a Muggle-born, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and a half-blood, Hannah Abbott, and he looked out for the three of them throughout his studies.

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