Elwyn Bradbury (c. 1680 - after 1802) was born in the English Midlands near Stoke-on-Trent and attended Hogwarts beginning just before the Statute of Secrecy was adopted. At school he was a member of Gryffindor house and developed skills as a rhabdomancer. He emigrated to America a few years after leaving Hogwarts. In 1776, as the American Revolution intensified, he decided to found an American school of magic. Until that time, wizards and witches in the British colonies either attended Hogwarts or were home-schooled. Using his divining skills, he selected a location on the eastern edge of the Catskill Mountains, several miles from Plattekill Landing, a small wizarding settlement on the Hudson River. Here he founded Kaaterskill Academy of Magic. He led the school until 1802, when he retired. He vanished from sight and the history books when he turned the school over to his adopted son Hrothgar. There is no evidence of his activities after his retirement nor of his death.

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Headmaster, Kaaterskill Academy of Magic
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