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This article concerns the Harry Potter: The Dark Lord's Downfall version of The Elemental Academy; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions.

The Elemental Academy was founded in the Early Middle Ages, namely in the year 732, by a wizard architect and elemental Aloisio Emerico who wanted a place to teach other elementals.

Nestled high in the mountains The Elemental Academy is a large seven story high building supported by magic and built from white stone. It is adorned with rows of windows, each of which belong to specific rooms, and has several deep dungeons underneath.

A weather vane stands tall and proud from the highest and most prominent turret and all the other towers contain flags. Each of the towers, which are adorned with balconies and windows, contains a dormitory for each of the four houses.

Smaller than most castles but no less appealing, being graceful with a brook dancing behind the border wall, the castle has a large scrolled gate with an ornate arch over-run with ivy above it.

The beautiful yet wild gardens, surrounding greenery and magnificent grounds, which are accessed by the north facing huge main oak front doors leading to into the Entrance Hall, have been tamed for a number of years by the Earth Elementals of the school.

The Elemental Academy is divided into four houses, each bearing a guardian or spirit of their respective element: Dragon, Nymph, Hydra and Sylphs. Water Elementals become Hyrda's, Fire Elementals become Dragons, Air Elementals become Sylphs and Earth Elementals become Nymph's.

In the early days of the Academy, the students were sorted by their Elemental Control; this has continued to this very day.

Each student is tagged with a small tattoo of their respective house or guardian on the inside of their left wrists. Students are taught to control their respective elements in lessons, and never cross with other elementals of different houses.

The Elemental Motto of the school is: "Terra, Spirtitus, Aqua et igni ut." meaning when, in the time of need, the four elements will come together in one body and soul, creating an extraordinary powerful witch or wizard.

When translated "Terra, Spirtitus, Aqua et igni ut" means "Earth, Air, Fire and Water as One"

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