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affliliation: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

alias: 'Leeny

Blood: Pure


Location of birth: Mullingar, IE

Date of death: 

Eye color: 

Gender: Female:

Hair color: Black


Eibhlin Valora Prince

Occupation: Librarian

Patronus: Flying squirrel

Wand: Cherry and phoenix feather, 10"  

Lady Prince
Preceded by:
Muireann Prince
Succeeded by:

Eibhlin Valora Prince, or Eileen, was the only daughter of Muireann Prince and her husband, Roderick.

A pureblood witch, Eileen attended Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1943 to 1950, and was Sorted into Slytherin. She was a skilled Quidditch player and captain of Hogwarts' Gobstones team in her younger years.

Her only brother was Kyle Prince. Her godfather was a good friend of her mother's from Muireann's school days, Cyprien Perkins.


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore took her into hiding after her husband was killed in a Death Eater attack, giving her a new identity as the librarian, Irma Pince.

The night before Tobias was killed, he told her he loved her and begged her to change her name back to Prince for safety reasons. She was willed the blueprints for the Snape Viper after his death, with a request to continue improving the weapon.

Distinctive character traits

Eileen was extremely protective of the books in her library. She always wore an oval silver locket around her neck under her robe with the Prince family motto on it: Virtute et armis (By courage and by arms).

Life as Irma Pince

Her son, Severus Donovan Snape, begged Dumbledore to keep his mother safe. Dumbledore gave her the librarian's position so she'd be protected under the wards of Hogwarts.

At the first Order meeting she attended, she happened to call Voldemort "He Who Needs To be Ripped Apart By Rabid Nifflers" , bringing on a choking fit from half the room and forcing Remus Lupin to cast Anapneo on Severus.

Pince and Snape


Roderick Prince: " 'Leeny, I have the perfect middle name for him. Donndubhán."

E: " 'Dark Warrior'? Donovan? Dad, it's perfect. . . Severus Donovan."

R: "You and Tobias did a great job."

E: "I never thought a baby could be as little as he is."

R: "Remember what I told you about the acorn? 'The greatest oaks were once tiny acorns.' He's beautiful, just like his mother. You sleep, I'll take care of him for you, mo cuishle."- Roderick and Eileen the night Severus was born

Dumbledore: “Welcome to the Order, Mrs. Prince.”

E: “None, other than the Order, can know of my true identity, Headmaster. I was hidden at Severus’ request from He Who Needs To be Ripped Apart By Rabid Nifflers."

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