The Eighth Dynasty, also known as the Bronzean Dynasty, and referred to as Iridalians, was an official branch and continuation of the House of Iridal-Nedeus which came to hold the Alluvial Throne after the extinction of the House of Rassaeon, becoming the eighth ruling house of the Al-Antidian Empire. They were direct descendants of the Divine Sovereign Taioron II, having his grandson Iridal, who held the position of Appraiser of the Wayward Whims in life, as their apical ancestor. The name of the dynasty comes from Bronzas IV, the first of the lineage to hold the title of Divine Sovereign.

The Iridalians were the old rulers of the city-kingdom of Iridal, and after their ascension to the Alluvial Throne it became the capital city of the empire. They saw the Alluvial Throne lost after their defeat at the Third War of Righteousness, being succeeded to the throne by the House of Cloteias.

However, with the defeat of Cloteias IV at the hands of Anipheon the Younger (the youngest son of Anipheon IX), the Clotean dynasty became fully extinct and the Bronzeans recovered the Alluvial Throne. However, due to Iridal being destroyed, the new Divine Sovereign founded a new city to be his capital, creating a new dynasty in the process.

Known members

Divine Sovereigns


  • Nergal (son of Anipheon IX)
  • Anipheon X (son of Anipheon IX; founded a new dynasty)


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