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Appears in the story:
A Simple Twist Of Fate

This article concerns the A Simple Twist Of Fate version of Edward Dracula; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions.

"Good evening!"
—Edward Dracula

Edward Dracula, also known as Eduard Dracoola, (b. 11 June 1980) is a student at Hogwarts and a friend of Lancelot Potter.



Born to a vampire father and a human mother, Edward descends from infamy on both sides of his family. His father, Quincy, is the son of Dracula, and his mother, Adelaide, is the last descendant of Blackbeard.

Being the son of a vampire, Edward inherited the traits of one; fangs, incredibly pale white skin, a penchant for black, the ability to transform into a bat, a dislike and intolerance of sunlight, supernatural senses - strength and speed, though reduced - and a small blood lust from his father and magic from his mother. Due to his mother's genes, Edward was born with a soul and could resist the smell and taste of blood better than his father, though not entirely if the smell was strong enough.

For most of his childhood, he was raised in Dracula Castle.

Hogwarts Years


Jonathan Harker
(b.1860s; d.1894)
Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray
(b. 1870s)
Count Dracula
Mary Ormond
(b. 1702; d.1780)
Edward Teach/Blackbeard
(b.1680; d. 22 November 1718)
Many Generations
Ivan Dracula (b. 1896)Arta Dracula(b.1894)Arkos Dracula (b.1897)Quincy Dracula
Adelaide Teach
Boris Dracula (b. 1987)Olga Dracula (b.1993)Vladimir Dracula (b. 1991)Ingrid Dracula (b. 1989)Edward Dracula
(b. 11 June 1980)


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