Dragomir Petru "Drago" Dumitru (born 10 June 1975) was a pure-blood wizard from Romania; eldest son of Petru and Irina Dumitru (née Niță) and elder brother of Adrian Dumitru. Drago was raised in a privileged household as his father was an important figure in Romanian politics. Drago attended the Carpathian School of Magic from 1984 to 1994 and became infamous for developing a rivalry with classmate Mateo Maximoff. Drago was the paramount leader of "the clique," a group of mostly pure-blood wizards who were at the top of the hierarchy-esque popularity ladder.

While at Carpathia, Drago and his friends would pick on other students who didn't meet their standards of looks or wealth, being notably aggressive towards Mateo Maximoff, whose introversion, love of magical learning and difficult family life made him a prime target for Drago's clique. This bullying continued until their ninth year, when fellow student Nicolas Mihalios died during a Quidditch match. After making an insensitive remark about the recently deceased wizard, Mateo, Nicolas' best friend, cut Drago's arm off with a dark spell. Although Mateo later healed him, Drago was forever changed after his near-death experience and later felt extreme guilt for his actions during his time as a student.

After his graduation from Carpathia, Drago decided to further his education, despite being the heir to an enormous estate. He attended the European Magical University, majoring in Economics and became a banker for the Romanian branch of Gringotts Bank. During his time at University, Drago began a relationship with fellow classmate Natalia Romanova, with the two marrying in 1997. With her, Drago had two children; Adrian Liviu (b. 1998) and Carmen Magda Dumitru (b. 2006).


Mateo Maximoff

"[...] No, I don't deserve his friendship, not after everything I've done..."
—Drago showing regret for his actions towards Mateo while they were in school.
Mateo Maximoff as a student

Mateo Maximoff, his childhood adversary and source of immense guilt

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