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Template:Character infobox Dorothy Eames (b. 8 Apr 1618 in Salem, North Carolina, United States; d. 30 Oct 1734) was the founder of the Salem School, now known as the Salem Witch Institute.

The daughter of Edward Patrick Eames and Mary Rachel Warren, Dorothy began teaching in 1635 at the age of 17. While she kept her magical nature largely to herself, she developed a lucrative trade tutoring students who demonstrated their own magical talents. Of those students, the one that Dorothy instructed the longest, and the one who proved to be the most capable of her pupils, was Apollonia Barlow.

In 1639, Dorothy married Apollonia's elder brother, Ambrose Barlow. Over the next years, the numbers of magically-inclined children continued to increase, and Dorothy was eventually persuaded by Apollonia, now as much a confidante and colleague as a student, to resign from her standard teaching post in order to focus on providing a magical education to those in need of one. In 1644, Dorothy founded the Salem School with an inaugural class of ninenteen students.

For most of her adult life Dorothy kept a meticulous journal, later published by her granddaughter Autumn Barlow as The Days of Dorothy Eames. That journal, in turn, included the student-registry of that inaugural class of American wizarding students; according to Dorothy's records, all nineteen students completed her strenuous six year course of study.

Dorothy's instruction stressed the importance of concealing one's magic aptitude from non-practicioners, and advocated a policy of blending into "normal" society. Ambrose often led seminars in the minutia of daily Muggle life such that students were entirely comfortable performing tasks with or without the aid of magic. In 1672, Dorothy authored the seminal work Muggell Relations outlining her general guidelines.

Dorothy and Ambrose had three children; Patrick Eames Barlow in 1654, Glenda Eames Barlow in 1657, and William Eames Barlow in 1663. Dorothy's guiding principle of blending would eventually put her at odds with her daughter, who promoted a more assertive approach to Wizard/Muggle diplomacy in her own adulthood.

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