Donatello Domenico De Santa (7 November 1957 – 26 September 1980) was a Southern Italian pure-blood wizard and respected Auror. Eldest son of Domenico and Giulia De Santa, Donatello grew up in a privileged household in Naples. He attended the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment from 1968 to 1975 and became best friends with Greek wizard Petros Galifinakis, who was two years his junior.

Donatello showed great enthusiasm in Defence classes while at New Alexandria and would challenge many people to duels, all of which he won. He co-headed the Duelling Club alongside his Defence professor and was scouted out by the Southern Italian Ministry to take part in their Junior Auror program. Every summer from his third year onward, Donatello would train under veteran Aurors and became well known within the Ministry. In his sixth year, he and Petros became animagi, both being able to shapeshift into dogs. After graduation, Donatello instantly became an Auror and later married his longtime girlfriend Carmela Scicolone, which caused much friction with his family due to her being Muggle-born. Donatello had two children as a result of the union; Pietro and Marco, Petros becoming the godfather of his eldest.

Donatello was at the forefront of the growing Death Eater influence on Italian politics both north and south of the border and led an Italian Auror Task Force in tracking down and imprisoning Death Eater sympathizers. During a terrorist attack on St. Camillus Hospital, Donatello sacrificed his life to ensure the evacuation of all hospital patients. His sacrifice allowed the hospital to be fully evacuated before Auror reinforcements arrived and his death was immortalized by a statue of him erected in the Hospital's courtyard, which was renamed in his honour.

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