Dominus Mundi : The King of Kings (abbreviated as "DM") is a story written by DarthImperius. It is heavily based on the fanfiction King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers, written by the same author, while also borrowing certain elements and concepts (both major and minor) from other franchises, such as Tomb Raider and Myst.

The story takes place in an alternate universe and timeline, beginning before Harry's third year in Hogwarts. Regarding its structure, the story is divided in arcs, and is currently in its third arc.


"As Harry's third year begins, a great darkness from the distant past emerges, seeking to engulf the feeble light of the present. Now, it stands on Harry's shoulders the survival of the Anemid dynasty and of the remnants of the old Roman Empire as well."


Several concepts of the story were based on other concepts present within other franchises. Although these were semi-imported and adapted to the story, the non-presence of their "origin universe" negates the possibility of a crossover.

On the other hand, the Perennial faith created for this story's predecessor was expanded upon. There were several alterations to the present Perennial lore, the establishment of the Sacred Twelve as embodiments of the qualities of Aion/God instead of a group of generic primordial deities being one of them.

Al-Antidian Empire

Perennial faith


  1. The Empress and the Prince
  2. A Meeting with a Minister
  3. Reunion
  4. Saint Aeneas the Prophet
  5. Prince Royal of Portugal
  6. Before Hogwarts
  7. Inside the Express
  8. To be United by Hatred
  9. Shadows Cast by the Tower
  10. Halberdiers at Hogwarts
  11. The Boggart and the Alliance
  12. The Map and Lupin
  13. Kyrie Eleison
  14. The Alliance Grows
  15. Anemas Palace
  16. Inverness Castle
  17. The Aphotic Tower
  18. A Dark Meeting
  19. Before the Return
  20. Ancient Remnant
  21. Before the Trial
  22. Endeavours of the Hidden Cult
  23. A Trial and a Conversation
  24. Magnaura Under Siege
  25. The Shattered Song
  26. Words of the Sleeper
  27. The Lord of the World
  28. Anipheon
  29. Ascension
  30. Awake
  31. The Work of Skeeter
  32. Aftermath
  33. Tainted Flames
  34. A Shadow Falls on Hogwarts
  35. Suspicions and Truth
  36. The Fallen God
  37. A Core of Darkness
  38. Echoes of an Ancient Mind
  39. The Passage of Time
  40. The Professor's Woes
  41. May He Reign For Many Years
  42. The Consortium
  43. An Interlude of Order and Chaos
  44. An Empire Across the Stars

Story arcs

Introduction arc

This first arc of the story focuses on Harry's first contact with the non-British wizarding world, adapting himself to his role as the heir to several states both in the muggle and wizarding world, having his grandmother as his mentor during this time. The later phase of this arc introduces the Consortium and culminates in the capture of Sirius Black by the Portuguese Royal Guard stationed at Hogwarts to protect Harry. This arc has twenty-two chapters.

Dark Nucleus arc

The second part of the story as its initial focus on the actions of the Consortium and the trial of Sirius Black, as well as the following battle at the Magnaura in which the Corrupted, creatures created by the Consortium, are revealed to the public. Harry has a short participation in the battle, but after touching a corrupted Nucleus left by a defeated Corrupted he falls into a coma, where his mind is transported to the Graveyard and is revealed there a fact about his very being. The arc eventually ends with a confrontation near the Forbidden Forest with an unexpected opponent and gives way to the third arc of the story.

Intelligence arc

The third arc begins to focus more on the advances of the Consortium and the life of Anipheon IX before the Third War of Righteousness. The main early events of this phase of the story are the coronation of Harry as the new King of Nicaea and the return of Lord Voldemort to a physical body.

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