Dominus Mundi : The King of Kings (abbreviated as "DM") is a story written by DarthImperius. It is heavily based on the fanfiction King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers, written by the same author, while also borrowing certain elements and concepts (both major and minor) from other franchises, such as Tomb Raider and Myst.

The story takes place in an alternate universe and timeline, beginning before Harry's third year in Hogwarts.

Publisher's summary

"As Harry's third year begins, a great darkness from the distant past emerges, seeking to engulf the feeble light of the present. Now, it stands on Harry's shoulders the survival of the Anemid dynasty and of the remnants of the old Roman Empire as well."


Several concepts of the story were based on other concepts present within other franchises. Despite this, these concepts were altered accordingly to fit the story, becoming adapted to the setting. In all, the story takes places in an Alternate Universe from the Harry Potter universe, and does not fuse with the universe of any other franchise.

Both the Aenean Church and its beliefs were taken from the story's progenitor, and were heavily expanded upon, compared to their source. There are many deviations from the original presentation of the Sacred Twelve in King of Kings, Ruling over Rulers, such as the group being presented in Dominus Mundi as embodiments of the qualities of Aion/God, instead of a group of generic primordial deities.

Al-Antidian Empire

Perennial faith