Template:Beauxbatons individual infoboxDominique Morgane Laurent (née Durand) (born 9 October 1920) was a French Veela, fashion tycoon and the only child of Francois and Sarah Durand (née Dupri). She attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic from 1932 to 1939 where she finished in the top of her year in both Charms and Transfiguration. After getting introduced to the fashion industry by her good friend Anaïs Tocell, Dominique began working as a fashion model before founding her own clothing line.

Thanks to her modeling work in the fashion industry, Dominique became a high-class celebrity and amassed quite a fortune from her deals with various companies. Dominique lived through the Grindelwald Revolution, and although she did not fight, she worked closely with the French Ministry in order to keep morale up during the rough time. After the war, Dominique met Maximilien Laurent, a former Auror who worked undercover in Germany, and the two began a relationship. They married in Corsica and together, had two daughters: Yolande and Apolline Laurent. Dominique launched her own clothing line in August 1954, which quickly became one of the most luxurious clothing lines in magical Europe. Although Dominique never involved herself in politics, she spoke out against wizarding France's unstable democratic government and when the Ministry experienced a coup by veteran Aurors from the Grindelwald Revolution, Dominique and her husband supported the new government, which put her at odds with their youngest daughter, Apolline.

Although she approved of her eldest daughter's marriage to Paul Lévesque, Dominique despised the fact that Apolline became engaged to Alain Delacour, an aspiring politician and opponent to the authoritarian leadership of the Regime of the Aurors. Dominique threatened to disown Apolline if she married him, but was talked out of carrying out the threat by Maximilien. The relationship between Dominique and her youngest child was strained after this, and she harbored a permanent hatred for Alain. This disdain carried over to the husbands of Apolline's children: Fleur and Gabrielle, who both married members of the Maximoff family, a family that is of Romanian origin, which Dominique didn't like because of Romania's reluctance to aid France in the Grindelwald Revolution. Although Dominique tried to dissuade her grandchildren from marrying the Maximoffs, Fleur and Gabrielle ultimately angrily defied their grandmother and married their respective sweethearts.