The Dobby Awards are a literary prize conferred annually by

The award is named after the late free-elf Dobby, friend of Harry Potter.

=====Best Trio: Children's Crusade [M] by theelderwand

Best Reviewer: Phoenix_Flames [12+]

Best New Author: tangledconstellations [12+]

Best One Shot: Glass [M] by marinahill

Best AU: Purgatory [M] by ToujoursPadfoot

Best Canon: Growing Up Weasley [12+] by TenthWeasley

Best Quote: "If you like these opportunities so much, you go get them yourself. Malfoy's giving them away like hotcakes, isn't he? Money, fame, leggy girls. Opportunity hotcakes with extra syrup! Taste delicious until you start choking on the lies and get backstabbed by a butter knife!" - Chapter 7: Apologetics Anonymous [M], And Capers Ensue by justonemorefic

Best Novella: Some Kind of Beauty [15+] by Celestie

Best Next Generation: Starving Artists [15+] by peppersweet

Best Founders Era: Legend [M] by celticbard

Best Novel Length: It's Called Adventure [15+] by Aiedail

Best Marauders: The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According to Nellie O'Neill [M] by SexyDoorFrames

Best Original Character: Pippa Nott in The Human Factor [M] by SexyDoorFrames

Best Romance: Irrational [15+] by RonsGirlFriday

Best Post Hogwarts: First Star to the Right [15+] by WitnesstoitAll

Best Story Graphic: justonemorefic's banner for And The Wind Blows [M]

Best Collab: The Final Battle [15+] by HPFF United

Legends: "The Story I Wish I'd Written": The Edge of Light [M] by timeturner

Legends: Best Novel: The Fires Within [15+] by Violet Gryffindor=====

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