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Delphini Naga Riddle
Biographical information

June 30th, 1997

Blood status



Delphi (common)

Delphi Lestrange (U.K.)


Heir of Slytherin

Heir of Morrigan

Heir of Isolt

Sweetheart of America

Physical description






Hair colour

Dark brown (natural)

Variant (Metamorphamagus)

Silvery-blue (usual)

Eye colour

Brown with a red tint (natural; usual)

Variant (Metamorphamagus)

Skin colour

Light (natural; usual)

Variant (Metamorphamagus)

Family information
Family members

Tom Riddle Jr. (Lord Voldemort) (Father; deceased)

Bellatrix Lestrange née Black (Mother; deceased)

Rodolphus Lestrange (stepfather)

Narcissa Malfoy née Black (maternal aunt)

Lucius Malfoy (maternal uncle)

Andromeda Tonks née Black (maternal aunt)

Edward Tonks (maternal uncle; deceased)

Nymphadora Tonks (maternal cousin; deceased)

Remus Lupin (maternal cousin-in-law; deceased)

Draco Malfoy (maternal cousin)

Astoria Malfoy née Greengrass (maternal cousin-in-law; deceased)

Daphne Greengrass (maternal cousin-in-law)

Edward Lupin (maternal second-cousin)

Scorpius Malfoy (maternal second-cousin)

Euphemia Rowle (adoptive mother)

Thorfinn Rowle (adoptive father)

Freya Rowle (adoptive sister)

Ondine Rowle (adoptive sister)

Riddle Family (paternal)

Gaunt Family (paternal)

Lestrange Family (maternal; stepfamily)

Black Family (maternal)

Malfoy Family (distant)

Lupin Family (distant)

Tonks Family (distant)

Greengrass Family (distant)

Sayre Family (distant, ancestral)

Slytherin Family (distant, ancestral)

Salazar Slytherin (ancestor)

Rowle Family (adoptive)

Magical characteristics

The Augury


Swamp mayhaw, 13", surprisingly flexible, rougarou hair, made my Beauvais Inc.

Snakewood, 14", unyielding, basilisk fang, made by her ancestor, Salazar Slytherin






Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Thunderbird House


Delphini Naga Riddle was born on June 30th, 1997, in Malfoy Manor during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower to Tom Riddle Jr. and Bellatrix Lestrange. Her parents were defeated when she was almost a year old, leaving her an orphan.

To cover up her existence, she was given to the Rowles for a monthly supply of gold by the Malfoys. On her eleventh birthday, she was given a letter to attend Ilvermorny.

Riddle became involved in the Starkiller War, starting when she accidentally set loose the safeguards that prevented Carren Starkiller from breaking out of prison. She worked to piece together an amulet that would block her unique ability of Star-Calling and helped lock her up again.

In 2010, Riddle would save the school again from her best friend's evil grandmother and her dragon army, an official declaration of war on the MACUSA.

She would later become a Triwizard Champion and won the competition, despite it being sabotaged by Carren Starkiller and her kidnapping of her son.


Early Years


Delphi in her room

Not much is known about Riddle's first year, except that she spent it at Malfoy Manor and was kept away from everyone else, surrounded by Silencing Charms and wards.

When her parents were defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998, she was given by Narcissa Malfoy to the Rowles in exchange for a monthly fee of gold. The Rowles had been pardoned from their crimes, pleading Imperius.

Riddle was not liked by her adoptive family and was considered a creepy child by those who knew of her existence. She often played by herself with imaginary friends.

A Letter from the U.S.

On June 30th, 2008, Riddle recieved two letters- one for Hogwarts and one for Ilvermorny. Euphemia Rowle had seen her Hogwarts letter and tore it up, declaring Riddle wouldn't be allowed to attend. She then received in secret her Ilvermorny letter.

Desperate to attend, she scribbled back a reply. The next day, Dean Cadleron Boot of Admission and First-Year Dean Joshua Goldstein intervened and helped coerce Euphemia into allowing Riddle to attend Ilvermorny.

On August 22nd, 2008, Riddle was picked up by Goldstein to get her school supplies and prepare for Ilvermorny's term in a week. She went shopping in Sky City, the American Wizarding city in the sky, invisible to muggles. There, she bought her wand, a Beauvais wand.

First Year

Thunderbird at Heart

While waiting for her Sorting on the first day of school on August 29th, 2008, she explored the gardens and found the Slytherin Tree. Later, she attended her Sorting and all the carvings reacted to her. She chose Thunderbird. She later met four students who would be her clique in her first year, Rowan Kostidanova, Alexa Renowne, Gwillan Pennykettle, and Guinevere Clary. Clary did not take well to Riddle.

Riddle also met her roommate, Tahlia Swann. During this period, Riddle suffered nightmares of the alternate timeline Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy created in 2020 in which she grew up as the Augury.

Riddle took classes under Ravenwood, Jekyll, Westfalen, Gardenia, Sanderson, and Raine for Magical History, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Charms respectively. She had weekend visits with Dean Goldstein.


It was a common ritual to have the first-years go into the Hall of Halloween that appeared only on Halloween. Inside was a boggart. The staff felt this was a practice that furthered each of the house's goals.

Riddle went in with Kostidanova, who needed someone to go with him, due to not being entirely trusted by the staff and the fact that one of his family members' prison keys was in there. While in there, Riddle was spooked by her boggart, and fell back into a glass case, shattering it and the mirror inside. The mirror was revealed to have been a prison key for Carren Starkiller, Kostidanova's mother.

Riddle was treated for her injuries and given detention mostly to soothe the minds of the staff and student body. The majority of the Ilvermorny population believed that Kostidanova and Riddle had allied to release Starkiller on purpose.


While in her detentions with Kostidanova, Riddle was an outcast and found herself lonely. Very few friends stood by her in the darker days of her life.

The portrait of Rionach Steward, however, gave Riddle a quest that would give her a chance to redeem herself and subdue Starkiller before she could escape prison. Between the detentions, Riddle found very few times she could break away to find pieces of Rionach's amulet.

They were able to find Rionach's box behind a portrait of a wolf and got the riddle. From there, Riddle, Kostidanova, and Swann managed to find the first piece of the necklace in the pool hidden in the dungeons, locked away from the rest of the school.

Winter Break

During the December of 2008, Riddle went with Kostidanova to the Astras Residence for winter break. She enjoyed her time there and met the Starkiller family. She discovered, however, that Camora Starkiller suspected her as much as the other students due to her background.

Stopping Carren Starkiller

Coming back from Winter Break, Riddle was determined to prove that she was not an evil witch. She and Tahlia Swann worked to find the last three pieces. They fixed the amulet and locked the stars into place. That would stop the villainess only for a little while.

Riddle, Kostidanova, and Camora Starkiller heard there was a break in progress, and Apparated to Megaera Prison. They fought Carren Starkiller and defeated her. Riddle sustained injuries from this fight from being bitten by the physical representation of the constellation of Cygnus.

She finished out the year with good grades and glory for her deeds.

Second Year

Luncheon with Malfoy

During the summer before second year, Riddle had a luncheon with her first cousin, Draco Malfoy. They discussed how Riddle's life had turned out and how Malfoy wanted to make up to Riddle the fact that neither he nor his parents raised her or gave her to Andromeda Tonks to raise her, and instead paid off the Rowles.

A New Prophecy

On the first day of school, Riddle had a Seeing trance and said a prophecy in Parseltongue predicting the return of the Dark Lord. When interrogated about it by Mr. Ravenwood, Riddle and Ravenwood disagreed over which Dark Lord the prophecy was referring to. Because the prophecy played into what the followers of Rowan and Carren Starkiller wanted, Riddle was under close watch for others who might want to force her to recite the prophecy or use her to achieve the prophecy.

Outside the school was tumultuous, with the dragon escapades and gathering of followers of the Starkillers. Inside the school, not much went on besides the cancellation of the Halloween tradition. On the Halloween of 2009, Swann told Riddle of her true heritage as Kostidanova's half-sister.

Attack on Ilvermorny

On May 17th, 2010, Riddle was missed in the cursing of the school, thanks to one of Gwillan's clay dragons that he called to life. It had her fall asleep before she could get poisoned by the Draught of Living Death, and she awoke to an empty school.

She met the attacker, Sibyl Pennykettle, and refused to join her or Carren Starkiller. Riddle ran, because her wand had been taken and couldn't fully escape because of the dragons surrounding the school. She took refuge near the Slytherin tree and asked it for help. She got Slytherin's wand in response. Using it, she defeated the dragons and gained their allegiance, and managed to hold off Pennykettle until the MACUSA's Aurors arrived.

Third Year

Keeping Up with the Starkillers

When Riddle returned to school for the 2010-11 school year, she was greeted with the threat of Carren Starkiller, who declared her intention to attack Ilvermorny again. Riddle also witnessed Swann's reveal as Kostidanova's sister.

Riddle also got involved in the attack against the school with a dragon. During this attack, Dean Goldstein was killed and Riddle was injured. She came out of it wanting revenge for Goldstein.

Fourth Year

The Daughter of the Dark Lord

During the summer with one of her required visits with Rodolphous Lestrange, Riddle found out her father was indeed Lord Voldemort. Riddle was at first afraid and shocked, and didn't truly accept it. Harry Potter verified it and pushed to place her into the custody of Draco Malfoy due to suspicious activities the Rowles had participated in.

Riddle then was chosen as a champion for her house in the Triwizard Tournament as edited for the U.S. She competed against thirteen other wizards older than her. She also revealed her parentage to the world. This led to her finally accepting that she was the daughter of Lord Voldemort.


Early to mid September, Riddle's best friend, Kostidanova-Raeh, was possessed by the Blixes in a recruitment attempt and then was forced into a deep slumber. In the mean time, Riddle competed in the Triwizard Tournament.

Starkiller's Return


Delphi tricking Carren Starkiller.

On the night of the third task, Riddle attempted to trick Starkiller, who was holding several players hostage to threaten her son, and set the stadium on fire. The young witch escaped, but could not save Kostidanova, who she had grown feelings for.

Fifth Year

In her fifth year, Riddle studied and tried to figure out a way to save her best friends and threw herself into these studies. She also did some research on her family tree and discovered the truth about her grandfather. She later had a vision of her paternal grandfather in a dream and vowed to remain a good witch for her grandfather's sake.

During Christmas holiday, Riddle escaped Ilvermorny and attempted to find the solutions to her problems. She found the Celestial camp and was captured by the Starkillers. The young witch was interrogated until Rowan Kostidanova lost control of his magic and turned on his family.

While the young witch survived the destruction of the Celestial Base, but the two were then brought into the custody of the Aurors of the MACUSA. They then forcibly underwent the Dreamland Experiments in the Department of Mysteries.

Riddle was then separated from Kostidanova and was interrogated by the Head Auror, Mrs. Potter, with the aid of a specially-developed interrogation potion and Ms. Kowalski, a Legillimens who was to scan for when the potion didn't work. Riddle then revealed enough that Potter told her Kostidanova would most likely be executed for being an Obscurus. She was removed from her interrogation, screaming and sobbing and was forced to go into the Dreamland again. She was put through a simulation in which Kostidanova got to say goodbye.



Riddle's dress style and common appearance.

Delphi Riddle was a metamorphamagus and could change her appearance on a whim. Under the care of the Rowles, she kept her natural features to come off as less creepy than she already seemed.

Riddle was petite. Her eyes were a lighter brown but had a red tint from having a sliver of Voldemort within, being his child. Occasionally said eyes would flash red after nightmares of the Augury timeline or when feeling strong emotions. She had aristocratic features, including a sharp, flat nose, a sharp jawline, and had emphasized dimples.

Riddle had dark wavy hair that leaned towards curly, something she inherited from her mother and father. In 2009, she turned her curls a golden blond, likening herself to characters like Luke Skywalker when she wore that color.

When not wearing her school uniform, Riddle preferred bright colors and dressed somewhat femininely during her early adolescence. By 2010, she was wearing more punk clothing than girly.



The biological face of Delphi Riddle

Riddle was considered a creepy child by her guardians, but was actually quite the opposite. While a pensive, lonely child, she was optimistic and friendly, wanting to be loved and to make friends. Riddle projected her wish for friends on her toys, creating several interesting imaginary friends and a substitute Hogwarts.

She wondered a lot about her deceased mother, not knowing the identity of her father as a child. She wanted parental love and affection and did not know that her mother would not have given it. She didn't like to dwell on being as good as an orphan due to her father being in prison. This made her understanding of her orphaned or half-orphaned friends like her.

Riddle wanted nothing to do with Lord Voldemort or her mother's past as the Dark Lord's second-in-command. She rejected the idea of being like any of her parents, biological, legal, or adoptive. She feared becoming the Augury and it was her worst fear. Riddle would get angry whenever anyone insisted that she was a dark witch because of her background or abilities. She tended to get more snappish and angry when accused of such things.

She did take after Riddle in her natural charisma and bravado. She wasn't afraid to fight for what she wanted and sometimes sounded very much like her father. Riddle was determined to reach her goals and, like her father, was very frightening and reckless when angry. Riddle often used threats to get her way whenever someone withe information from him. Riddle also had a natural inclination towards power and glory, much like her father, and had some attention-seeking issues due to being emotionally neglected by the Rowles.

Being a clever and curious child, she would read, draw, and find secret passageways in the house. Living with Dean Goldstein awakened a curiosity about all things muggle, a polar opposite of her parents' wishes. This curiosity could occasionally get her into trouble.

Riddle had potential for all four of the Ilvermorny Houses, having the possibility of being a scholar, adventurer, warrior, and healer. She chose Thunderbird, showing her leanings towards adventure. She wasn't afraid of working to redeem herself when she made mistakes.

Riddle was brave enough to fight for her entire school even when she was threatened with pain and death. She had the weakness of being selfish when it came to people she loved and not being willing to do anything other than save her friends if they were in danger.


While the Rowles did not spoil Riddle, she did have some possessions.

  • Toys- Riddle owned several toys such as a floral stuffed wolf she called Lupus, a pink lion named Rumbleroar, and a plastic fish by the name of McGonagills. All of these were previous possessions of Freya and Ondine Rowle's.
  • Clothing/Uniforms- Riddle did have clothing and uniforms that belonged to her. The clothing was practical and second-hand, once belonging to the twins, like her toys. The uniforms were the Ilvermorny uniform, including white button-downs, cranberry ties, black pants or skirts, and a sleeveless royal blue cloak with a cranberry lining, pinned by a golden Gordian knot pin. On these cloaks were cranberry badges with the insignias of their respective houses on it. She received more that were more her style for Christmas in 2008. She bought more clothing in 2010.
  • Wand- At a distributor, Riddle purchased one Beauvais wand at the age of eleven. It was made with swamp mayhaw and rougarou hair, was thirteen inches long, and surprisingly flexible. Riddle was warned that her wand had a reputation for the Dark Arts.
  • Pewter Cauldron- Riddle bought a pewter cauldron for school when she was eleven to make potions in.
  • School Supplies- At age eleven, Riddle had purchased other various school supplies, including notebooks, pens, a roll of parchment, and a potion-making set.
  • Lestrange Vault Key- Riddle had access to the Lestrange vault and all of the treasures within.
  • Rionach's Amulet- Riddle rebuilt and found the pieces to her ancestor's amulet with the power to lock constellations in place.
  • Salazar Slytherin's Wand- Riddle was given the wand by the Slytherin tree in 2010. Riddle used this to defeat Sibyl Pennykettle. The wand responded to her thoughts and Parseltongue.

Powers and Skills

Being the daughter of two very powerful wizards, Delphi Riddle had inherited many powers.


Dual-wielding, a skill taught to Riddle by her ancestor, Rionach Steward.

  • Parselmouth- Riddle was able to speak the language of snakes and would often speak to them, and speak prophecies or visions in Parseltongue.
  • Seer- Like the Oracle she was named after, Riddle would have prophetic dreams and occasionally would go into trances, much like Sibyl Trelawney. These visions and dreams could cross timelines and continuities. An example would be Riddle's recurring nightmares of the Augury timeline.
  • Metamorphmagus- Like her cousins in the Tonks-Lupin family, Riddle was able to chance her features whenever she pleased. She didn't have quite so much control over her red eyes, however.
  • Flying- Riddle was innately able to fly without a broom like Lord Voldemort.
  • Dueling- Riddle was privy to exclusive tips from America's first Duelmaster as recognized by the Magical Congress of the United States of America and had a working knowledge of dueling.
  • Dual-Wielding- Riddle could wield two wands at once, as taught by her ancestor.
  • Legilimency- At a young age, Riddle had a knack for figuring out if someone was telling her the truth or lying. This showed an unusual aptitude for the art of Legilimency.




Lord Voldemort,enemy

Tom Riddle, (Lord Voldemort) Delphi's birth father.

Her biological parents were Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort. She barely knew her parents and did not remember them. She was under the assumption that Rodolphous Lestrange was her father, as the Rowles refused to speak of her actual father and Riddle had prison visits with her stepfather.

She considered herself an orphan at an early age despite the man she thought to be her father alive, showing a bit of her intuition as to her true heritage. Riddle did not wish to be like her parents, as evidenced by her rejection of the Augury.

When she was told of her true parentage as the daughter of Lord Voldemort by Rodolphous Lestrange in the summer of 2012, Riddle initially rejected the idea and hadn't truly accepted it until she shared the secret with the world.

Black and Malfoy family

Riddle's maternal family. (Left to right) Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy (née Black), Draco Malfoy, and Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black).

The Malfoys, Riddle's closest cousins, wanted nothing to do with her. They paid off the Rowles to keep her a secret and would occasionally send presents. Riddle resented her benefactors for not taking her in when they could. Draco Malfoy did send her a present and a note of congratulations for getting into Ilvermorny for the Christmas of 2008. Malfoy also began trying to make up for leaving Riddle with the Rowles in 2009. Eventually, she was put into his custody as of the summer of 2012 due to the suspicious activity of the Rowles.

Her second cousin, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, was never made aware of her existence. Neither of her cousin-in-laws, Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass) and Daphne Greengrass, were made aware of her existence either. Riddle did know of them, however. By 2012, however, Astoria and Scorpius Malfoy knew of Riddle's existence and cared about her quite a bit.

Andromeda Tonks (née Black) was not aware of her niece either, although she would've taken her in the same as Teddy.


"The Rowles were an ancient family that prided themselves on being pureblood wizards, thank you very much."
—A description of the Rowles

Euphemia Rowle, Riddle's abusive guardian.

Her adoptive family, while wealthy, didn't indulge her much and despised and resented her. Euphemia Rowle, her adoptive mother, would tell her that the augury cried because Riddle was going to come to a sticky end and emotionally abused her. Rowle did allow Riddle to go to the Astras Residence for Christmas break in 2008.

Rowle feared what the child would to to their reputation but feared the wrath of the Malfoys if they ever found out how their cousin was being treated at her hands. She was careful to make sure no one knew of how Riddle was being treated.

Thorfinn Rowle avoided the child, but would often rue her coming on her birthdays. Riddle feared Rowle and avoided him as well.

Her adoptive sisters, Ondine and Freya, were the money-makers and were disgusted by their adoptive sister, calling her a freak or a creep to her face. They did let her have the toys they'd both outgrown.

All of the family agreed that they hated and might even have feared the child they'd taken in. They felt that the girl being a Parselmouth and Seer was a bad sign that they'd be associated with the next great Dark Lord. They, however, kept her and had guest ex-Death Eaters over during the Starkiller Crisis, hoping the powerful witch would become their Dark Lord.

They began hosting parties hoping to regroup the Death Eaters, an action that eventually lost their custody of Riddle. Riddle suspected, however, that they were behind the attack on her best friend in attempt to regain her loyalty or fear.

Dean Joshua Goldstein

Goldstein was a caregiver to Riddle while in America, and cared for her like she was his own daughter. She looked up to him as a fatherly figure in her life that she craved. He would talk about her to his family, including his mother and his sister.

He did his best to appear impartial to others while watching over her at Ilvermorny because he cared so much what had happened to her. He would have her visit on weekends with friends in his office.

He didn't like the situation set up by the detentions during the Starkiller Crisis, but went through with it because of the pressure and being overruled by the headmistress. He was there when she woke up from after the attack on Ilvermorny in 2010 and comforted her.

He died, however, during the May of 2012, and the loss hit Riddle hard.


While she only met her ancestors through portraits at Ilvermorny and visions, she did interact with them. One notable example is Rionach Steward, who gave Riddle quests through her portrait. Steward would occasionally give her dueling tips.

Steward helped Riddle, believing that since they were related, however distantly, she should help. Steward shared the secret of the Rionach Amulet and gave Riddle and her friends the clues they needed to find the pieces of the amulet.

Riddle recieved her ancestor's wand in 2010 and prized it greatly, despite what Slytherin was. Riddle also prized her muggle heritage and met in a vision Tom Riddle Sr. She dedicated her summer to learning about this grandparent, finding him to be a spot of hope in her twisted family tree.


Rowan Kostidanova


Rowan Kostidanova, Riddle's best friend.

Kostidanova was one of the first people to reach out to Riddle at Ilvermorny. He was friendly and patient with her awkwardness. He felt a sense of kinship with her due to being raised by people other than his parents. Kostidanova was also in Thunderbird.

The two bonded over having many of the same classes and sharing an anxiety about where to go for said classes. They had a strong enough bond that Kostidanova asked Riddle to come with him into the Hall of Halloween to face their worst fears. There, Riddle discovered that he was the grandson of a dark wizard that he was named after. After breaking the mirror acting as the key that kept his mother imprisoned, he revealed to her that he was in fact, not an orphan, and his mother was a dark witch.

The two bonded over being in even more similar situations than they'd previously thought and being in detention. Both students were equally accused of wanting Carren Starkiller to return.

Kostidanova invited Riddle over for the winter holidays in the December of 2008. They grew closer over this and his birthday. They both discovered, however, that Camora Starkiller disliked their friendship, thinking Riddle was a bad influence on Kostidanova due to her heritage. They chose to remain friends despite what Starkiller had said.

Riddle hid from Kostidanova that she knew of his half-sister. Still, she was noticeably distraught when she found out that Sibyl Pennykettle planned on taking Kostidanova to his mother and breaking him into one of their followers.

Riddle trusted Kostidanova as her second during the Tri-Wizard Tournament and asked him to the Yule Ball as a friend, despite her growing feelings for him. During the last task, they worked well together despite being kidnapped by Kostidanova's mother. Unfortunately, Kostidanova was not able to escape and Riddle blamed herself for it.

Riddle became depressed without Kostidanova around and vowed to find him. While she did succeed in the December of 2012, she was captured in the attempt. He witnessed her interrogation and grew so distressed that he gave into his Obscurus.

Alexa Renowne


Alexa Renowne, Delphi Riddle's friend.

Renowne was one of Riddle's first friends at Ilvermorny, introduced by Rowan Kostidanova. She was also friendly to Riddle. Riddle and Renowne shared a class in Magical History, in which Riddle listened to the vocal Renowne renounce Ravenwood's versions of American history. Riddle was stated to have learned a lot from Renowne.

When Riddle was accused of releasing the voice of Carren Starkiller on purpose, Renowne believed the accusations and abandoned her friends, too afraid to consider the alternatives.

They became friends again in the 2009-10 school year, despite some of the bitterness Riddle still held towards Renowne. She discovered that Renowne was a cousin of Pennykettle's. They continued to be friends, albeit not close ones until the 2011-12 school year in which her best friend was put in a coma.

Gwillan Pennykettle

Pennykettle was another friend of Riddle's introduced by Kostidanova. He was shy but was willing to pull her out of awkward social situations. While they weren't good friends, his betrayal still hurt Riddle when Pennykettle decided to believe the rumors that Kostidanova and Riddle had released Starkiller's voice on purpose and abandoned them.

They became friends again in the 2009-10 school year even though Riddle had not completely forgiven him. She did like his sculptures of dragons. She also discovered that Pennykettle and Renowne were cousins. She remained friends with him, albeit not close ones.

Tahlia Swann


Tahlia Swann, Riddle's roommate and a true friend.

Riddle's roommate during her time at Ilvermorny was Swann. They got along well. Riddle would take Swann to visit with Goldstein, knowing that Swann would keep it a secret since Riddle didn't want anymore attention from individuals like Guinevere Clary or any of the awkward questions that would come with people knowing the dean of their year had a clear soft spot for her.

Swann believed Riddle on what happened in the Hall of Halloween and helped Riddle with her quest of redemption. Swann stepped up as a true friend of Riddle's. She wanted to have her over for Winter Break in 2008 but couldn't due to her family's private vacation.

Swann and Riddle together found the last pieces of the Rionach Amulet and used it to lock the constellations into place.

Swann at first was moody and avoided Riddle at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year, but on Halloween of that year confessed her true heritage as Kostidanova's half-sister. The two bonded over keeping this secret. Riddle also supported Swann in 2010 when she revealed this secret to Kostidanova.

Riddle was devastated when in the November of 2011, she was put in a coma by supposedly the Blixes that would last for the entire school year.


Guinevere Clary


Riddle's rival, Guinevere Clary

Clary, while introduced to Riddle through Kostidanova, resented and disliked her greatly. She felt that Riddle was pretentious and too much of a special snowflake. It is possible she is jealous of the attention Riddle got for having aptitude for all houses.

Clary mocked Riddle for not knowing about the American Wizarding World or Ilvermorny despite being from England. Riddle wanted to duel her and was waiting to learn how to duel the other girl in attempt to impress and/or intimidate her.

While she disliked Riddle, Clary did believe Riddle's story about what happened in the Hall of Halloween. The girls continued to fight over how Riddle tended to get more glory than Clary did. Clary ended up ending the feud when Rowan Starkiller was brought back.


Carren Starkiller


Starkiller, the greatest witch of her age.

Starkiller was a witch of rumored potential who had been locked away in a prison, with a certain mirror serving as a key. She was the estranged mother of Riddle's friend, Rowan Kostidanova. In her first year, Riddle accidentally broke the mirror, allowing Starkiller the power to break out of prison.

Riddle learned of Starkiller and what she could do from her son, Kostidanova. Riddle was also accused of purposefully freeing the voice of Starkiller, allowing her to summon stars once more.

Riddle met Starkiller in the spring of 2009 and fought her outside of Megaera Prison. Starkiller did not know who Riddle was and was more preoccupied with the presence of her son and sister.

During the 2009-10 school year, Starkiller somehow found out Riddle's true parentage and instructed Sibyl Pennykettle to try and convince her to come over to their side. Starkiller declared war against the MACUSA after her prison break on May 17th, 2010.

On August 29th, 2010, Starkiller planted a message declaring Riddle an enemy to kill on sight. She tried one last time in the June of 2012 to turn her, but eventually attempted to torture and kill Riddle, and kidnapped her son in the process.

Starkiller thought nothing of torturing and interrogating the young girl the winter of 2012 for information on how Riddle had found the Celestial base.

Sibyl Pennykettle


Sibyl Pennykettle, Gwillan Pennykettle's great-aunt and one of Carren Starkiller's followers.

Pennykettle was only known as Gwillan Pennykettle's bossy great-aunt to Riddle before the attack on Ilvermorny on May 17th, 2010. Pennykettle had poisoned the food with the Draught of Living Death and bound Rowan Kostidanova to make him easier to transport to his mother. She'd missed Riddle however, and because of this, offered Riddle a spot in the ranks of Carren Starkiller's followers. Riddle refused, and ran off.

Pennykettle attacked Riddle when she re-appeared, not knowing Riddle had sent a plea for help to the MACUSA. Pennykettle used the Cruciatus Curse on Riddle to try and make her beg for mercy, and found that the girl's will could not be broken. Pennykettle then attempted to have her dragons kill Riddle, but they refused.

Knowing the battle was lost, Pennykettle disappeared to warn Starkiller and her followers to not come to Ilvermorny.

Pennykettle and Riddle met again in 2012, during an attack on the school and for Riddle's interrogation at the Celestial base.

Rowan Starkiller


Rowan Starkiller, Rowan Kostidanova's maternal grandfather and the Dark Lord of America.

Starkiller, the grandfather of her similarly named classmate, rose to power from his exile in the summer of 2012 and raised a fire star to attract dragons to him. He briefly met Riddle and tried to murder her to ensure his return would occur without a hitch. His plans were foiled by Agawin Raeh and Avner Kostidanova, who were now freed from their respective exiles with him.

In the following December, the two would meet again when Riddle managed to stumble upon the Celestial base and oversaw her interrogation.

Dark Lady

Riddle briefly met during her interrogation Rowan's maternal grandmother, and was terrified by her. The Dark Lady, as she preferred to be called, appeared to be a Legillimens.


Candice Starkiller


Candice Starkiller, Kostidanova's aunt and caretaker, one of Riddle's mentors.

Starkiller was Kostidanova's aunt who raised him. Riddle met her the December of 2008 over winter break. The witch enjoyed Riddle's influence on her nephew and did not blame her for the incident on Halloween. Starkiller was friendly always to Riddle.

Starkiller also felt that Riddle deserved better than her lot in life, a feeling not entirely shared by Riddle herself. She was warm to the girl and posed as Santa Claus and gave Riddle several presents in the form of clothing the girl actually liked.

Starkiller disagreed with Camora Starkiller over Riddle's untrustworthiness, believing Riddle to be a good influence on Kostidanova. She claimed the boy needed a friend like Riddle.

Bartholomew Starkiller

Starkiller was the husband of Candice Starkiller and he liked listening to Riddle explain the cultural differences in the Wizarding World. He enjoyed teaching her the reverse culture and having her over for Winter Break of 2008-09.

Avner Kostidanova

Riddle heard about the famed hero, since he was the father of her two best friends. She met him in the summer of 2012 when she freed him, Agawin Raeh, and Rowan Starkiller from their exile in another dimension. He helped the females escape Starkiller and managed to make it to Ilvermorny.

While Riddle had initial respect for the hero, she found him useless in trying to save his children and would not collaborate with him.

Agawin Raeh

Riddle had heard of the hero before meeting her, as she was the mother of her best friend. Riddle met Raeh in the same situation as the one in which she met Kostidanova. While she also had initial respect for Raeh, she found her useless as well in trying to save her daughter.


Camora Starkiller


Camora Starkiller, Rowan Kostidanova's aunt and one of Riddle's biggest doubters.

Starkiller was the second daughter in the Starkiller sister trio. She was more of a mentor to Rowan Kostidanova. She disliked Riddle due to her background of being born to mentally-ill dark wizards and not trusting those who had a shaky background, like Riddle did. Riddle reminded Starkiller of her sister, Carren, who Starkiller did not know existed for a long time.

When Riddle forced Starkiller to take her with her to defeat and capture Starkiller's sister in the spring of 2009, Starkiller was reluctant and still didn't trust Riddle. Her distrust only grew up in discovering Riddle was a Parselmouth despite Riddle's undeniably important aid in the battle.

Zanna Martindale-Renowne

Martindale-Renowne and Riddle met on May 18th, 2010 after the attack on Ilvermorny. Martindale-Renowne explained the wand of Slytherin to Riddle and asked her her story for the history books.

Riddle didn't like her much because Martindale-Renwone entered the hospital wing screaming at her ex-husband, scaring her a lot.


  • Delphini's name is after a dolphin constellation, fitting in with the Black naming theme. This would later be her Patronus, and it fitted her cheery personality.
  • She was also named for the Oracle of Delphi, associated with snakes and prophecy as well.
  • Her middle name is after a Horcrux of Lord Voldemort's, perhaps foreshadowing his future intention for her.
  • Her dreams across the timeline mention the Voldemort Wins alternate universe mentioned in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


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