Deirdre Finn was a citizen of the Isle of Kinnimoore and an employee of the Kinnimoore Broom Company. She began her career at the KBC in her late teens, working as an Assistant Modeler. She was eventually promoted to Lead Modeler, in charge of the producing concept designs for the company. After several years as Lead Modeler she was transferred into the Research and Development Department of the KBC.

She was eventually filled the office of Chief of Design for the KBC, where she was instrumental in designing the Mark V Lightning Rod. After the successful launch of the Mark V, she was named the eventual predecessor of then Managing Director Albert Bynes. When Bynes stepped down a year later, Finn assumed the mantle of Managing Director, and became responsible for the affairs of the entire KBC. She courageously steered the KBC through another two updates of the Lightning Rod before a stroke tragically forced her to take a less active role in the leadership of the KBC.

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