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Decreetio Oplivarate (pronounced dee-kree-shee-o o-pli-va-rate) is a spell used to destroy creatures that are fighting the bad side to a Magicorpal. It is said that it is the most powerful spell.

Once cast, a giant orb of black light will go flying towards the creatures that it was castupon, sucking them in like a vortex.

How to Cast

1. Point your wand towards the creatures you wish to destroy.

2. Any wizards who want to magnify the attack cross their wands with the first.

3. Say Decreetio, raise your wand(s), then just as you say Opliarate, snap your wand(s) back down.

TIP: The more force you say it with, the more powerful the spell.

Dangers of Usage

- Each usage causes the user(s) to age by 2 years.

- Wand starts to burn as the spell is cast.

- Body parts start to fail with each use.

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