Darth Traya, known in her later years as Kreia, was a female human Sith Lord that lived during the Old Sith Wars, and was the Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate, ruling over a small fragment of Revan's Sith Empire that defected when the Empire left known space. Before the Mandalorian Wars, Kreia was a Jedi Master and a Jedi historian who was exiled from the Order because her students had followed the Jedi Knight Harrison Potter (who later adopted the name of Revan), into the battle against the Mandalorians.

Traya was overthrown by her two Sith apprentices, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, who striped her of her connection to the Force and exiled her. She returned to use the name of "Kreia", and took the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik as her apprentice. After the death of Darth Nihilus at the hands of Surik and two of her companions, Kreia had returned to Malachor V, where she took once again the mantle of Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal, and bent Sion to her will once more.

She was later defeated by Meetra Surik during a duel in the Trayus Core, and her body was later taken by the Exile to burial in a tomb in Korriban, the final resting place of many Dark Lords of the Sith.

Powers and Abilities

Kreia was a powerful Force-user, as mentioned by her ability to bend space and time to travel nearly 4000 years into the future and back with another person accompanying her.


Preceded by
Darth Malak
Dark Lord of the Sith
(concurrent with Vitiate and Darth Revan)

2956 - 2955 BRR
Succeeded by
Darth Nihilus