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A Simple Twist Of Fate
This article concerns A Simple Twist Of Fate version of Cullomen Wintersberry; you may be looking for other canon and fanon versions.
Cully: "God, damn, you got fat, sucker!"
Jack: "I got fat?! What about you!? [...] What did you do, eat one of your kids!?"
Cully: "I'm sexy!"
Cully and his cousin, Jack[src]

Cullomen Wintersberry, Duke of Loch Ness, commonly known as Cully, is the current Duke of Loch Ness.



Cully was born in 1961.

Teenage Years

During his teenage years Cully was thin, weedy and geeky, but became friends with people he would remain friends with for his entire life..

In 1979, Cully met his wife, Elizabeth, and the two married a few months later after a quick affair.

Later Life

Cully and Elizabeth remained happily married during the 1980s; in 1980 their first child, Thomas, was born and Cully's father, Edward, died in a car crash, raising Cully in status from Viscount Matchen to Earl Manton.

Within three years of his father's death, his grandfather, Henry, The Duke of Loch Ness, died, leaving Cully to succeed him.

"A diet? You're kidding, right!?"
—Cully when his wife announces she is putting him on a diet.[src]

Cully and Elizabeth remained happily married and Elizabeth gave birth to four more children; Elizabeth in 1993, Alexander in 1994, Anne in 1995 and William in 1996.

In 1996 Elizabeth put Cully on a diet after his weight reached an all time high.