The Continental Quidditch Association is the primary professional quidditch league in North America.  It was created in 1965 through the merger of the Canadian Quidditch League and the American Quidditch Conference.  In 1980, the CQA fully matched its name when it absorbed the Mexican Quidditch League.  The CQA currently includes 24 teams in three conferences (Eastern, Central and Western), each divided into Northern and Southern divisions of 4 teams each.

Most of its teams are located in smaller towns and cities where concealment of matches from Muggles is easier. The relative dearth of professional quidditch teams in North America is due in part to the popularity of quodpot, a variant invented by American wizard Abraham Peasegood.  The World Quodpot League (which despite its name consists only of teams from the United States) is the professionial 'Quod' association.

Eastern Conference

Northern Division

Sackville Snidgets

New Bedford Whalers

Poughkeepsie Puffskeins

Baltimore Beaters

Southern Division

Huntsville Hippogriffs

Ocala Owls

Rome Red Caps

Vicksburg Vampires

Central Conference

Northern Division

Peterborough Phoenix

Kidron Kneazles

Cedar Falls Chimaeras

Fergus Falls Fireballs

Southern Division

Waco Wildebeests

Juarez Jobberknolls

Matamoras Manticores

Yucatan Yetis

Western Conference

Northern Division

Moose Jaw Meteorites

Idaho Imps

Juneau Jarveys

Washington Werewolves

Southern Division

Groom Lake Aliens

Bakersfield Boarhounds

Guaymas Ghouls

Rosarito Ravens

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