Constantine Potter, 8th Duke of Inverness (1577 - 1630) was a pure-blood wizard and a member of the noble branch of the Potter family. He was the son of Aloisius Potter and his wife Anne. Later in his life, Constantine would marry Sophia of England, the youngest and final child of King James I & VI of England and Scotland. The two would have a son called Andronicus, who succeeded his father as Duke of Inverness for a short period, dying at the age of fifteen.


Constantine is a masculine given name and surname which is derived from the Latin name Constantinus, a hypocoristic of the first names Constans and Constantius, both meaning "constant, steadfast" in Latin.


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Aloisius Potter
Duke of Inverness
1612 - 1630
Succeeded by
Andronicus Potter