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The Clotting Spell is an incantation, most commonly used by Healers and Mediwizards, which, as its name implies, causes blood to clot.

One such situation that can call for the use of the spell is infection with Colddrake venom, which prevents clotting by binding with thrombocytes in the bloodstream. The spell may also be required to tend to wounds caused by goblin-made weapons, as goblins treat the steel of their blades with ancient magic.

Alexandra Quick used several Blood-Clotting Spells in conjuction with a Wound Relocating Charm in January of 2011 to rescue a man who had had his throat slashed by John Manuelito.

Fidelma Thackery cast the Spell wandlessly and nonverbally in July of 2016 in a moment of emotional distress after her brother suffered a life-threatening injury in a bus crash.


  • constus (Latin): "stop"
  • cruentus (Latin): "bloody"


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