Clemente Andrea Alborosie (born 21 December 1976) was a Muggle-born Italian wizard; the youngest child of Marcello Alborosie and Isabella Firelli and younger brother of Paolo Alborosie. Born in Rocca d'Angelo, Italy, Clemente was the childhood friend of Pietro De Santa, and attended the New Alexandria School of Enlightenment from 1988 to 1995. There, he became close friends with Rawya Zaghloul and Maria Roxha, witches of Greco-Egyptian and Italian-Albanian ancestry respectively.

Clemente's childhood was characterized by routine arguments between his parents and an all-around dysfunctional family life. To get away from his poor home-life, Clemente ran away with his brother Paolo to Naples. There, he met Pietro De Santa, who lived next door of the house where he and his brother were staying at. After a bout of accidental magic, he was informed by a member of the Italian Ministry of Magic that he was a wizard. He kept that information from Pietro, but when he began attending New Alexandria, he was surprised to find him there as well. In addition to Pietro, Clemente shared a dorm with Rawya Zaghloul and Maria Roxha. When the Triwizard Tournament was approaching, Clemente was selected as one of the students to travel to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France, where the tournament was being held. Although he put his name in the Goblet of Fire, Pietro was selected and became New Alexandria's champion.

While at Beauxbatons, Clemente continued his relationship with Maria, whom he began dating in their fifth year; unfortunately, the two were no able to attend the Yule Ball together because of the Headmaster prohibiting New Alexandrian students from going with a partner from the same school. Clemente reluctantly attended the Yule Ball with Lyudmila Rusinova, a Durmstrang student and friend of Viktor Krum's. Although he remained faithful to Maria and rejected Lyudmila's advances after the Ball was over, he later learned that Maria had not done the same; a heartbroken then Clemente immediately ended their relationship. In the next few weeks, Clemente built up a relationship with Lyudmila, officially beginning to date after the final task of the Triwizard Tournament.

After graduating from New Alexandria, Clemente married Lyudmila in 1997 with Pietro acting as his best man. With her, he had two children; Vittorio Pietro (b. 1999) and Lucrezia Maria Alborosie (b. 2001). Alongside Pietro, Clemente became an Auror for the Italian Ministry of Magic, but retired after a near-death experience after the birth of his second child; his family turned to living off Lyudmila's wealth, as she was of a high-class wizarding family.

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