Charlus Potter (1919 - 1981) was a pure-blood wizard, a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a member of the Potter family. He was the youngest son of Alfred Potter I, his elder brother being Matthew Potter I. He was married to Dorea Black, and was the father of Alfred Potter II.


Born in 1919 to Alfred Potter I and his wife Elvira, Charlus would attend Hogwarts, much like other members of his family, and he successfully graduated after seven years of education. After leaving Hogwarts, Charlus married Dorea Black, a member of the infamous, powerful and wealthy House of Black, and would have a son with her, called Alfred, after his father.

However, despite his connection to the Black family and pure-blood status, Charlus remained an opponent of Voldemort, and later in the year of 1981, he and his son were murdered by the dark wizard himself, after refusing to divulge information about the location of James Potter and his wife, who were distant relatives of his.


Charlus could refer back to the name Charles. It is derived from the Germanic karl or hari. It can mean "man" or "army,warrior". This can relate to many members of the Potter family.


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