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Template:Character infobox Cecelia Weaver (b. 29 Oct 1883; d. 14 Jan 1956) was a celebrated wandsmith, and the granddaughter of Eames Weaver, the founder of The West Coast Academy of the Magical Arts. Cecelia is credited with crafting what is largely considered to be the most powerful magical instrument in the history of American wandlore, the Crimson Staff, though in reality she only witnessed its creation.

In 1899, she was given a pure-bred Felynis by her great-aunt Dalia Weaver for her 16th birthday; Cecelia named the animal Clementine. During one of their early play adventures, Clementine led Cecelia into the forest north of San Diego, where the pair found an incredibly old tree known as The Old Man of the Woods.

The tree, a foxtail pine, was in reality the oldest tree in the world at nearly 6,000 years old, and was the subject of a wild legend. In August of 1902, lightning struck the tree while Cecelia and Clementine sought shelter under it; the blast ripped the Tree apart, imbuing at least one branch with one of Clementine's whiskers, creating the fabled Crimson Staff.

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