Proctors at Kaaterskill Academy of Magic are analogous to prefects at Hogwarts. Students are selected as proctors prior to their 5th-year by the House master and the Headmaster in consultation with other faculty. Each house has a total of 6 proctors at any time (3 boys and 3 girls), as proctors remain in office until graduation. Proctors assist the House master in maintaining discipline and decorum in the House. Ideally, they also provide leadership and mentoring to the younger students. Each House has a Proctors' Lounge adjacent to the Common Room. The Proctors of all four houses have regular meetings led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. Proctors receive certain privileges, including a reserved cabin on board the steamboat Kaaterskill on the way to and from school and an elaborate Proctors' bathroom.

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