Cassius Brocklebank (born 1953) is a well-to-do wizard from an old Hudson Valley pure-blood family. He is tall, with curly silver-gray hair and grey-blue eyes. He frequently uses a pince-nez. He attended Kaaterskill Academy of Magic from 1964-1972, where he was a member of Tenskwatawa House. There he met Calpurnia Barghest, whom he married in 1974. They have one child, Simon (b. 1983). Brocklebank owns two homes: Brocklebank Hall in Westchester County and a large apartment in the Dakota in New York City (an entire floor inserted by Cassius' grandfather during construction of the building without the knowledge of the Muggle architect and builders). The Brocklebank family believes in the superiority of pure-blood wizards and Cassius is rumored to have secretly supported Voldemort and Hafgan during the conflict with Voldemort. Cassius is well off and does not need to work; he has a strong influence on Ernest Dithers, the Secretary of Magic.

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