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The Canadian Wizarding Confederation is the main governing body established in Canada. It has several different Departments, drawing inspiration from the Ministry of Magic in Britain. The Confederation has a Senate, which is made up of representatives of all the Provinces of Canada and the Chancellor, and together they vote on and discuss issues concerning law and secrecy.


Department of Judiciary

This Branch of the Canadian Confederation is responsible for maintaining the Wizarding Law in Canada, and is split into several smaller divisions.

  • Courts The Courts are made up of four Justices who are selected by the Chancellor, and they are granted six years of running the courts until they are forced to resign and then replaced. The four Justices deliberate a sentence for each person brought before them. After hearing from witnesses and being presented the evidence, they each vote for if they think the defendant is guilty or innocent, and the majority wins. If the result is a tie, then the trial will be presented to the Senate who will then vote.
  • The CCPD The CCPD (Canadian Confederate Police Department) are the law enforcers of the Canadian Wizarding community. Each member of the CCPD must go through a year of training before they are promoted to the ranks of the CCPD. Their main priority is to keep the peace among Wizards and Witches, and to respond to the Wizarding Population to help resolve conflicts.
  • Auror Department Like it's British counterpart, the Canadian Auror Department deals with Dark Wizard's or Witches who pose a threat. The Confederation has also expanded the Auror duties to other cases recently due to the lack of Dark Wizards in Canada. These cases are one's that deal with national security, large sums of money, rape and murder, cases too gruesome for the CCPD.
  • National Secrecy Sector The National Secrecy Sector's job is to keep all magical contents within the borders of Canada a secret from Muggles. This includes aspects of magical life, animals, plants, and anything classified as magical by Clause 73 of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

The Following is a table of Crimes Split between the CCPD and the Auror Department.

CCPD Auror Department
Domestic DisturbancesTreason
AssaultDark Wizard's
VandalismSexual Offences

Department of Animal Control

This is the smallest department in the Confederation, due to the fact that while Canada contains a plethora of magical creatures, a majority prefer the climate of the north where the population is less dense. Workers in this Department are responsible for the containment, the protection and the secrecy of magical creatures. The Wildlife Task Force is the name of the ministry workers that are responsible for the investigation into animal related cases and the capture and containment of magical creatures. They abide by a set of laws concerning Magical creatures set by the Senate, and know how to properly handle creatures.

This department keeps track of all the magical wildlife in Canada and records their movement. They will try and prevent Muggle interaction but sometimes it is unavoidable. In some cases animals have had to be put down due to erratic, spontaneous and dangerous behavior towards humans. This only happens after repeated offenses by the same animal.There is a Spirit Division, a Beast Division and a Humanoid Division (this last division deals with Goblin, Centaurs,etc and is mainly to a place to lodge complaints then an actual task force.

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