The Cambiaren Gaunlet was an enchanted gauntlet created by the wizard Arkos in 840. It was imbued with the power to manipulate the base elements: fire, water, air, earth, and their derivative forms. The exquisitely-crafted gauntlet was nearly indestructible, but Arkos never had a chance to access its power. Shortly after he completed it, he was killed, stabbed in the neck by his lover.

The Gauntlet changed hands over the next few centuries, but no one would be unable to unlock its full power. In 1281, the Gauntlet fell into the hands of Nicholas Flamel, a young alchemist. Flamel studied the properties of the gauntlet for years before utilizing it to create the Philosopher's Stone. The Gauntlet secretly remained in Flamel's possesion until he destroyed it, shortly before his death.

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