George Gordon Byron Sounders (August 22, 1966- ) is the eldest son of Roland Sounders and the nephew of Rodger Sounders . He has a tumultuous relationship with his father, but has a closer, though adversarial relationship with his uncle. At the time of "Grail Hunt", Bryon had not spoken to his father in over 5 years, as the older Sounders disowned him for being gay. After the Second War, Byron tried to repair the damaged relationship with his father. They have since reconciled, for the sake of Roland's younger son and daughter, who adore their older brother, but still disagree on just about everything. Unlike his cousins, Byron is only one of two Sounders in his generation to be born a Pure-Blood.

Name Origins

Byron shares the same full name with the famed English poet



  • Roland Sounders, Sr. (father)
  • Dee Stewart (mother; status unknown)
  • Rita Sullivan Sounders (step-mother)


  • Roland "R.J." Sounders, Jr. (paternal half-brother)
  • Katrina Sounders (paternal half-sister)

Uncles and Aunts


  • Michael Sounders (paternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Delenn Sounders (paternal grandmother; deceased)


  • Sutton Sounders (paternal cousin, via Rodger)
  • Abigail Larkin (paternal cousin, via Rodger)
  • Rodney Sounders (paternal cousin, via Rodger)
  • Travis Selby Sounders (adoptive paternal first cousin once removed, via Sutton)
  • Tristan Sounders (paternal first cousin once removed, via Rodney)
  • Carly Sounders (paternal first cousin once removed, via Rodney)
  • Felix Sounders (paternal first cousin once removed, via Rodney)

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