Bronzas IV (22041 - 27839) was Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia and the founder of the Eighth Dynasty. He was born into the House of Iridal-Nedeus as Victeus, and became the King of Iridal as Victeus IV after the death of his father Goanis VI. Later, with the death of the childless Prozac VI, he was elected by the Exalted to the office of Divine Sovereign, becoming Bronzas IV.

He was succeeded to the throne of Al-Antidia by his son Nergal XVI.


Preceded by
Goanis VI
King of Iridal
27431 - 27521
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Prozac VI
Divine Sovereign of the Al-Antidian Empire
27521 - 27839
Succeeded by
Nergal XVI