Briallen Bevin and the Snatcher's Cave is the first book in the Briallen Bevin series. The story concerns Briallen Bevin's first year at the Bergamot Academy for the Magically Gifted in the United States.

Briallen Bevin and the Snatcher's Cave


Briallen Bevin has just found out she's a witch. But the excitement is marred by an unusually cruel Flying teacher, a sadistic janitor, temperamental friends and seemingly clingy enemies, not to mention the mysterious disappearances of several students.


  1. How It Came to Be
  2. Excuses and Explanations
  3. The Start of Something New
  4. Old Friends
  5. The Sorting Staff
  6. Flying First
  7. How Life Is So Unfair
  8. The North Wood's Wall
  9. The First Disappearance
  10. Where Danger Lurks
  11. Quodpot
  12. The Surprise Party
  13. Her Worst Day Ever
  14. The Very Best Revenge
  15. Trick or Treat
  16. One Month Later
  17. The Last Day
  18. The Boy Who Wouldn't Go Away
  19. All About Noah Pierce
  20. Marisol's Secrets
  21. Lockdown
  22. War of the Flowers
  23. The Worst Spies
  24. The North Wood
  25. The Way of the Wolf
  26. The Final Mission
  27. The Taken
  28. Battle's End


Briallen Bevin and the Snatcher's Cave

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