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The Brazilian Fluffy-Tail is, as the name states, is a dragon native to Brazil with fur on its tail instead of scales.


The species loves attention, causing the Ministry of Magic a lot of trouble. The dragons fly into cities and villages expecting to be fed, though Ministry interference has been forcing them to learn to hunt for food. They are yellow in scale color and white in fur color. The flame is issued in thick jets or large rings of fire, depending on how many Salamanders were eaten that day.

History of the Fluffy-Tail

They were used as mounts by the indigenous cultures. They got so used to being around humans, they lost their natural instincts. When their masters started dying of unknown viruses, more and more dragons had to be released into the wild. When the cultures were completely wiped out, the dragons began starving to death. When the Portuguese explorers came, about thirty dragons came flying at them expecting to be treated like gods. Instead, they caused chaos. Luckily, Walace Weasley, a magizoologist, was hiding aboard. He chased off the dragons, changed all of the crews' memory of the incident, and pursued the dragons, trying to learn more about them. Once he got back, He told other wizards in hiding about it and a few dozen wizards moved to Brazil to keep a watch on the Fluffy-Tails. A few have managed to avoid these dragon keepers, the most recent landing in the Brazilian capital on July 20th, 2007.


The dragon's main food source is Amazonian Salamanders, along with the occasional Chupacabra.

Behind the Scenes

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