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Appears in the story:
Tempus (Story)


Bovis is a spell that fires a small white spike of energy straight out of the wand and burn through any material weaker then bulletproof objects. It can travel up to 50 meters at a velocity of 1200 feet per second, after which it has eaten away more then 50% of itself as energy for movement, and is no longer effective. It is the Wizard equivalent of a gun. Bovis Constantem is a form of the spell that fires a constant flow of 800 Rounds per Minute similar to a submachine gun, slowly draining the energy of the user. the user can start and stop it by applying pressure with the wand holding hand similar to the use of a trigger.


Bovis is Latin for Bullet Constantem is Latin for Constant

Behind the Scenes

The statistic's of this spell are based on the abilities of a common military issue handgun while the statistic's of it's rapid fire form are based on the MP5, a common submachine gun

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