Boogeymen. Boogeymen are amortal ghost creatures that scare muggle and magic blood children under teenage years of age. They feed on children's fear and making them cry. Despite being harmless normally because of this sadistic behaviour they are considered dark creatures.

Appearance like a bogart has no known appearance, often only its eyes are seen. Has bright yellow eyes and camouflaged against the darkness.

Abilities They are not dangerous but are problematic to children because to scaring them or making them cry. They also can call upon bogarts and may place them under a child's bed. Boogeymen can create scary illusions or put a child in a nightmare sleep that they will only awake from when awoken by a parent or when night ends. Boogeymen gain nutrition from child fear, making children cry. They are very cruel and enjoy upsetting children by scaring them or eating their candy or stealing their toys.

How to repel a Boogeyman. Boogeymen hate light so a simple Lumos spell will repel them. Putting a lamp on also repels Boogeymen. Using waddiwassi to fire wadding into their mouths will make them spit out any candy or toys they've taken.

Defense against the dark arts.

All wizarding children able to talk and beginning to use magic (at 2 to 5 years old) are allowed to use a simple Lumos spell to repel Boogeymen. Parents often teach their children the use of this spell. Boogeymen are rated XXX by the ministry despite the fact they do not physically harm children they are considered frightening.

Habits They like to scare children or make them cry as this feeds them. They also like to eat candy or steal toys. Boogeymen can create scary shadow or give children nightmares. They sometimes like to tickle the feet of children that are poking out of the blankets, to avoid this parents should tuck in their children tightly.

Miscellaneous Bart, Ron Weasley, Verne and Oscar have a fear of Boogeymen. A Boogeyman once stole Verne's teddy bear from him when he was a baby.

See also Boogeymen Carnifex Boogeymen (Euphemism) and Boogeymen mucusium (snot monster)

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