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Biographical information

Early 1996


Malfoy House Elf

Physical information









Light Orange


Dark Grey

Family information



Malfoy Family

"Binx is very happy Master Malfoy has come!"
—Binx showing glee while meeting Lucius for the first time.[1]


Binx the House Elf is one of the new house elves purchased by the Malfoy family on July 4th, 1998 in Berlin, Germany from Mr. Tingle - an elf breeder. He is described by the store owner as being from a long line of elves whom have had obedience and operant conditioning bred into them to result in well behaved and very loyal elflings by nature. His companion is Spinx, a young elf he grew up with. The breeder claims the two are unrelated to each other, but it's possible they could be distant relatives.

Young elflings that are for sale are considered born free from the result of being owned by a breeder, but with careful planning and containment, the younglings are raised to believe they do have owners but are not old enough to properly introduce themselves to their masters until they are personally called by them. Instead, the elflings take orders from their parents who are told by their owners to lie to their children and teach them the house elf trades. Binx, being two years of age (thus considered a matured elf, albeit still very young for elf years) was given the honors to "meet" his master for the first time. Being very eager to introduce himself, he almost tripped over his floppy ears in excitement, unaware of the drawbacks of what it would be like to take orders from a master rather then a parent.

Binx presently lives and tends the Malfoy Manor and his masters and mistress - Master Malfoy (Lucius), Mistress Malfoy (Narcissa), and Young Master Malfoy (Draco). It has been implied that Lucius has already beaten the young elf after living with them for just over a week for his lack of hastiness in summoning Narcissa and Draco to an important meeting with their parole auror. He appeared to sustain a couple bruises on his tiny arms as a result to his punishment.

Physical Appearance

Binx is just slightly taller then the average house elf, reaching about three feet and two inches at his full height. Being young, he still has yet to completely grow into his lanky form. His ears flop to the sides and will drag on the ground when the elf slouches or bows. Binx has tangerine colored eyes and dark grey skin and he likes to wear a green tea towel toga-style.

Personality & Traits

"Ma-Master Lucius asks for Young Master im-immediately,"
—Binx behaving skiddishly while speaking to Draco.[2]

Binx has a young, eager personality that yearns to please his masters. He occasionally can be seen skipping around in the corridors while sweeping or dusting while humming an unknown tune. He will respond promptly with a simple snap of his masters fingers or by a verbal summon of his name. Since his punishment from Lucius for his tardiness, he seems to be slightly skiddish and withdrawn at times. It is not yet known if this behavior persists or if he has yet to recover from the shock of doing wrong and was punished.


  • It is possible Binx is a corrupted form of bink - a term for a bench.
  • Binx may also refer to the slang term for bink, that being used to describe a sharp dressed person.

Considering that Binx has already been mistreated, the former may be more accurate. The saying: "Being used like a doormat." comes to mind when considering this theory. A bench is used to sit down upon to rest, therefore its use is naturally taken for granted and is sought for when one is tired of walking. One does not think it can also be seen as a form of art or a decorative addition to a city or town.


The Malfoy Secret (Rated T: Violence, Language, Suggestive Scenes.)


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This is a work in progress. Edits will be continuously made to add information as the story is updated. Original character profiles are a work in progress. Due to detailed spoilers present in some, a majority of them will only have information listed according to what has been revealed in the chapters already uploaded and will be considered unfinished until the end of the story. ~Aya

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