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The bilderberry plant is a flowering plant with various magical properties and applications found in the higher altitudes of the Appalachian Mountains of North America.

The smell of the bilderberry flower has a mild sedative effect, and the flower itself releases small amounts of a powder that can cause emotional infatuation. Finely-ground bilderberry flower-petals are a crucial ingredient in many love potions.

Bilderberries leaves appear green in direct sunlight, but turn light blue under artificial light. When viewed at a particular angle, the surface of the leaf becomes reflective. Tea brewed with bilderberry leaves increases memory, and bilderberry leaf-paste is the base ingredient in Commoneo, a potent memory potion created by Serenity Weaver.

Bilderberries, when consumed raw, are toxic and can kill an adult. The bilderberry root, however, exhibits healing properties, and contains an antidote to the bilderberry poison. Once properly treated and distilled, bilderberries can be used to produce a sweet and intoxicating wine.

The first bilderberry winery in North America was established by Edward Eames in 1615.


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