The Beauxbatons Courtyard Skirmish, glamorized as the Battle at the Beauxbatons Courtyard, sometime simply Battle of Beauxbatons, was a battle between various wizards and witches from New Alexandria and Durmstrang during the 1994/1995 Triwizard Tournament; started in retaliation to the death of Durmstrang student Vladimir Kozlov, who competed in the Sword Duel challenge and had broken the rules, performing a wandless curse on another competitor and fleeing the arena.


In the prelude to the skirmish, six students were competing in the Sword Duel of the Triwizard Tournament. Towards the end of the duel, Durmstrang competitor Vladimir Kozlov, who was the last opponent of the New Alexandrian competitors, performed a wandless curse on Rawya Zaghloul in a desperate, albeit foolish attempt at victory. Kozlov promptly summoned his broom and fled the arena.

Chasing down Kozlov, Pietro Maximoff cut him off at the Beauxbatons Main Hall and attacked him. The ensuing sword duel made its way to the third floor and ended with Kozlov being kicked out of a window and dying on impact with the ground. At ground level, an enraged Karkaroff lashed out at Pietro and was backed up by other Durmstrang students and parents. Seeing their champion in danger, the New Alexandrian students came to Pietro's defence, backed by Headmaster Zabat and Pietro's brother, stepbrother and stepfather.

The battle

The Durmstrang side,

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