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Beatrice von hohenzollern
Beatrice of Prussia
Biographical information

10 February, 1981

Blood status


Full name

Beatrice Victoria

Physical description




Hair colour

Soft brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information

Hadrian II von Habsburg


Constantine, Despot of the Roman Empire


Aenean Orthodoxy


House of Hohenzollern (by birth)
House of Habsburg-Anemas (by marriage)

Beatrice of Prussia (Beatrice Victoria von Hohenzollern; 10 February 1981), is the Empress consort of the Roman Empire. Born as a Prussian princess, she is the daughter of Prince Frederick of Prussia and Lady Victoria Mancroft. While being the Empress consort of the Romans, she is also the Queen-Empress consort of Russia, Portugal and Nicaea as the wife of Hadrian II, who ascended to those thrones on the year of 1995. Through her father she is a direct descendent of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

She became an Archduchess of Austria through her marriage with Hadrian.

Upon the disappearance of her husband after the events in the Tower of Dawn, Beatrice was made Imperial Regent, becoming the de facto ruler of all the Roman Empire. It was during her regency that her and Hadrian's son, Constantine, was born.

Titles and styles

Roman Empire

  • 17 June 1995 - 28 June 1995 Her Imperial Highness The Despoina of the Romans
  • 17 June 1995 - present Her Highness The Queen Consort of Nicaea
  • 28 June 1995 - present Her Majesty The Empress of the Romans

Russian Empire

  • 17 June 1995 - 24 June 1995 Her Imperial Highness The Tsesarevna of Russia
  • 17 June 1995 - 24 June 1995 Her Imperial Highness The Grand Duchess of Russia
  • 24 July 1995 - present Her Majesty The Empress of All the Russias

Kingdom of Portugal

  • 19 June 1995 - present Her Majesty The Queen

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • 17 June 1995 - present Her Grace The Duchess of Hogsmeade

Dynastic titles

  • 17 June 1995 - present Her Imperial and Royal Highness The Archduchess of Austria


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (first appearance)

Roman Empress consort
Theodora Tocco Incumbent

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