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Template:Character infobox Beatrice Weaver (1691 — 1770) was the second child of Glenda Barlow and Ezekiel Weaver, the younger sister of Stephen Weaver and elder Eva Weaver. Beatrice, like her siblings, was consistently encouraged by her mother to take pride in her wizarding heritage, which was precisely five-eighths pure-blooded.

Beatrice remained unmarried, instead indulging her own amateur fascination in magizoology. Most notably, she documented the first recorded sitings of the North American Felynis, a mammal similar to the lynx, and a distant relative of the kneazle. She a great deal of effort, she managed to domesticate a felynis, naming it Solomon.

According to her grandmother's journal, Beatrice discovered in April of 1724 that the felynis' whiskers possess powerful magical properties. Around that time, Beatrice developed an interest in wandlore, and began experimenting with various wand-woods. After a consistent history of successful combinations, she opened Weaver's Wands in 1732; specializing in felynis-whisker wands, the wandshop made something of a regional celebrity out of Solomon.

With no children of her own, Beatrice eventually accepted her nephew, Ambrose Weaver, as a wandsmithing apprentice. When she died in 1770, Ambrose took over proprietorship of Weaver's Wands, and the shop remains open and in family hands to this day.

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