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Bartolo Victor Rizzo
Biographical information

September 15, 1981

Blood status

Pure Blood

Martial status

Lord Rizzo (Formerly)


Lord of Peace (Formerly)

Physical description






Hair colour

Dark Brown almost Black

Eye colour

Dark Brown

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Parents: Dante` and Sondra` Rizzo
Brothers: Riccardo and Giovanni Rizzo
Sisters: Gabriella and Annetta Rizzo, Susanna McCaden
Brother-in-law: Anthony McCaden
Grandparets: Mr. and Mrs. Potter`, Augosto and Shima Rizzo
Aunts: Lily Potter`, Rosalia Frost, Angelica Gosselin, and Katherine Rizzo
Uncles: James Potter`, Carlo Rizzo, Elliot Frost, Cain Gosselin

Magical characteristics

No books to read






Store Owner




Lords of Peace
United Readers

Bartolo Rizzo is the eldest child in the Rizzo family and believes he has to step in the rule of his father much to the disappointment of his siblings when their parents died. After graduation he opened a book store and coffee shop in Wintermere, NM near Walpi School of Magic called United Readers with the help of the United States Republic of Magic because of them helping the survivors and siblings/off spring of the Pennsylvanian town that was destroyed by a fire which was only his family. While in Hogwarts he became a prefect. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters: RiccardoGiovanniGabriellaAnnetta, and Susanna along with being the brother-in-law to: Anthony McCaden and Kelly Johnson and the Uncle to Jonathan.


As a child he had an active imagnation and would act things out that was read to him or he read. He was always in a book no matter location even on hikes much to the annoyance of his family. He even thought he would right a few books that are fiction so that other people can enjoy this and even wanted to run a book store while writing and he wanted this dream to come true.


At Hogwarts he was alwasy reading ahead in classes only because he couldn't put the book down or reading a fiction he brought with him if he had time. He was very studious and loyal to anyone of his friends that were getting picked on but even they picked on him reading a lot even if some of it was fictional pieces. He was assingned as a prefect while he was there but found ways to read while on duty.


He had a few friends not a lot but a few loyal and close friends. He could have had more friends if he wasn't always reading but he didn't pretend to know it all and was rather a sci-fi geek and is known to spout facts from a fictional book that he is reading at the time to his friends. They take it in strides though they love to read as well but aren't as devoted to it as he is.


His reputation was a bookworm. Outside of classe even his teachers noted he has his nose in a book no matter the genre and could have discisions with teacher with the books he was reading. The teacher were pleased that he did read ahead and would rather read instead of cause a lot of trouble.

Store Owner

He opened up United Readers in Wintermere, NM by Walpi after graduation. This decision was based on his love of reading and wanted to open up a store were people could buy books and get coffee but was unsure where to open it with his money he inheritied. The government stepped in and actually provided the store and hte apartment above the store at the prime location in Wintermere, NM after deliberation in his senior year. This is his pride and joy and loves working there. After the 1st year in operation he had to hire help one of them being Alexa Delany.

Physical Apperance

He is tall in fact 6'4" but he works out some so he isn't describe as gangly but does like some definition in his muscles. He has dark brown almost black curly hair that he keeps neatly trimed but kept long to show the curls since he is only 1 of 3 that has curly hair (Susanna and Annetta are the other 2) and take pride in his hair. He has dark brown eyes that is always burried in a book taking in everything that the book as to offer and making his own world.

Personality and Traits

He is a reader and is very sweat along with wanting to protect his younger siblings. He can go to far and overstep his boundaries like he did with Susanna if he thinks something is going on isn't good and could hurt them. This is very annoying to them and can start fights. It is said even though his is in Gryffindor and is very loyal but you normally can find him reading a book be it fiction or non fiction or any genre reading for fun. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Leadership
  • Defences Against the Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Charms
  • Muggle Studies



He had a good relationship with his parents before knowing about Susanna being abused through out his child. In fact he looked up to them and tried to model their behavior. After finding out about the abuse Susanna hs been through he doesn't like them and cosiders that even if his dad filmed was still an enabler to mother's behavior to Susanna her hurting making his veiw change of them and doesn't even want to talk about them.


He may get into fights with his siblings or things to cause them but he wishes nothing bad befalls them. 


He has a good relationship despite all the fighting between them but the normally move on after a fight even if it may not return back to normal after the fight.

Riccardo Rizzo

He has a good relationship with Riccardo and Riccardo believes that Bartolo did the best thing for Susanna in making her watch it despite what reactions would come from it. Now it might have caused some problems if she was younger but doesn't see what difference it would have caused.

Giovanni Rizzo

For the most part they have a good relationship. When Bartolo showed Gianni what happened, Gianni was beyond pissed and was so mad that he made Susanna watch it that it started a huge fight and didn't believe he should even be the bestman at the rushed wedding. After time to cool down they both appologized but it never returned back to normal where Gianni can trust that Bartolo with major news.


His relationship with his sisters has been rocky with and is either not talking to one or there has been something that they do not know how to move forward let alone trust him.

Gabriella Rizzo

Bartolo and Gabriella do not talk since her graduation and limited after his graduation and the only thing she was happy about was putting Susanna into more missery by showing her what she went through as a child. Her views that only pure-bloods should be taught in all schools is revolting and doesn't like who Bartolo loves and how much he protects his younger siblings.

Annetta Rizzo

Bartolo wants what is best for his younger siblings taking over as the parent when their parents died but was unaware that Susanna told Annetta what Susanna saw making Annetta question their own relationship. They may have a good relationship growing up but she doesn't know how to move forward before asking him what really happened. Annetta does get the same story from Bartolo as she got from Susanna and therefore has to reevaluate her relationship with Bartolo.

Susanna Rizzo

Bartolo wants what is best for his younger siblings taking over as the parent when their parents died but has stumbled with Susanna a few times that have not helped their relationship. They may have a good relationship growing up but once she came to Earth from training he thought it was best she saw a video of her recieving abuse that caused a fight between him and Anthony. Susanna was also mad at him but once she calmed down decided another chance is in order but her trust in him is shatter and he has to rebuild the trust.

Nephews and Neices


Though surprised with his birth and conception he loves Jonathan and tries to spoil when he is able to see him. And is rather happy to have him in his life.

In Laws

He has seen two different sides of in laws on of which caused a riff between on because he wants to protect his wife.

Anthony McCaden

Anthony does not like Bartolo only because what he showed everyone including Susanna when she came on Earth causing them to argue what is best for Susanna. Bartolo respects his decision and why he is kept at arms length because of what he shown them even after saying he was sorry. What Susanna has beent through, does want to help her get over but if neither of them trust him then he has to show them that he can be trusted.

Kelly Johnson

He has a good realtionship with Kelly but would have liked to see her marry Riccardo before having children but knows that is their decision not his. There is no bad blood and he respects their boundaries not that he cannot leave his store which he runs with Alexa Delany.

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