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Barbara Richardson 6
Barbara Richardson
Biographical information


Blood status

Half blood

Marital status


Physical description

Half Giant





Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Husband: Mr. Richardson
Daughter: Maddison McCadden
Son-in-law: Conrad mcCadden
Grandchildren: Anthony, Vanessa
Granddaughter-in-law: Susanna

Magical characteristics

Not having control






Taloni Tribe

Barbara is the cut off mother to Maddison, mother-in-law to Conrad, grandmother to Anthony and Vanessa , and grandmother-in-law to Susanna. Due to her toxic behavior and not knowing when to keep her nose out of everyones business Maddison cut her off from her family before Anthony was born when Vannessa was only a baby but that doesn't stop her from listening to the news and encourging her husband to take an elder seat to be a Taloni Tribe member. Due to this she set in motion for Susanna's and Anthony's Marriage to be done much earlier than anyone expected due to what she heard. Tony keeps her cutt off so Susanna doesn't have to fully witness the destruction she can cause and in away protect her from more of her maniac tendencies.
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