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  Balenciaga Bonfamille
Gender  Female
Eyes  Brown
Hair  Brown
Born  22 April 1975
Died  {{{Date of Death}}}
Blood  Pure-Blood
Title  Duchess of Lanvin
Alias  The Good Wife of the Goodfamily
Wand  Unknown
Patronus  Cheetah
Occupation  Duchess
Affiliation  Bonfamille Family

"Just behind the big mans shadow, is someone bigger pulling his strings. Now would you like to guess just who's big enough to stand in my shadow?"
— Balenciaga

Balenciaga Cristóbal Bonheur Bonfamille is the eldest child and the only daughter of the Bonfamille Family, as well as the Duchess of Lanvin. A shrewd and incredibly intelligent young woman, Balenciaga was passed over for succession as head of the family when her parents died. Harboring a large and incredible resentment for her younger bother for taking her self assumed place, she attacked the Bonfamille estate, intent on killing her brother and assuming her rightful position. However, while tangled in the fighting she accidentally killed the then youngest son of the family, Constantino Bonfamille, who was only 10 years old. Ridden by guilt she fled from the manor and disappeared into muggle society.

However, after Valentino Bonfamille was selected as the new heir and was subsequently moved to America, Balenciaga began visiting him under an assumed identity. The reasons for visiting her brother are unclear, but it can be safely assumed that much like the rest of her family, she plans to use Valentino for her own gains.

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