Ayavan was a deity that was worshipped in the Indo-Persian cults, and serves as their equivalent to Aernus. Much like the Sleeping God, Ayavan is believed to be the embodiment of unity, but also as the embodiment of causality and wisdom. Under the eastern variant of the Aenean faith, Ayavan is acknowledged as the greatest and most powerful of all the deities, being the supreme deity of their pantheon.

Much like Aernus, Ayavan is an aspect of the greater and schizophrenic oversoul which is usually referred by scholars as the Ur-Aernus, who is in turn the unified remnant of Al-Aion and Fa-Aion, the two souls of the greater and non-conscious entity known to mortals and immortals as the Aion.

As a Indo-Persian Deity

In the Indo-Persian mythology, Ayavan was created when the embodiments of corruption, time and death sacrificed their own essences to create the ultimate being. Ayavan then created the other eight of the Sacred Twelve by re-animating the remains of the three original deities, giving them new essences.

He is portrayed as a creator and devourer of time and space, who will bring fourth a new era by destroying the previous one, but also as a wise individual, who appears as an advisor of eastern kings.

As a Temporal Shade

The entity which calls itself Ayavan was created when the Tower of Dawn malfunctioned and caused the Great Cataclysm (said malfunction was in fact sabotage caused by Ayavan's own future self). He was the mastermind behind the Great War in Heaven, and many other minor conflicts, such as Voldemort's campaign. In fact, he was the one who ordered the deaths of Lily and James Potter.

He would then take a temporary identity as a student of Hogwarts named Nestor Dougal, with the intent of getting close to Harry in order to transport him to the future, where he would reveal that he was in fact a manifestation of Harry's future self. When he succeeded in getting Harry to accept him, he returned his part self to the present, and he travelled into the past, taking a new identity: the Wise One. As the Wise One, he created the Acolytes of the Old God, a cult dedicated to the worship of Aernus. Under this disguise, Ayavan presented himself to Harry, obtaining permission to repair the Tower of Dawn. During this period, he resurrected one of his past generals, an old teenager named Aranth who immediately began to carry out his master's tasks. Ayavan also revealed himself to Voldemort again, and made sure that the dark wizard knew that he was nothing more than a pawn in a greater game.

When the Tower was successfully repaired, and Harry began the second ritual, he killed Voldemort after stripping him of his powers. After that he travelled to the future once more, and activated the future version of the Tower of Dawn, taking his place as the Third Harbinger of the Three Worlds. It was during the final phase of the ritual that he finally united with his present self, allowing him to achieve the Truth of the Tower, and restore reality.


  • Chronokinesis - Ayavan, both the mythical deity and the Temporal Shade have a near-absolute power over time, allowing them to travel across the main timeline and to devour other timelines as well.


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (first appearance)

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