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  Austin Leone Greenley
Gender  Male
Eyes  Brown
Hair  Dirty Blonde
Born  1994
Died  2033
Blood  Muggle-born
Wand  Rosewood, Unicorn Hair, 12 and three-quarter inches
Patronus  Hawk
Occupation  Auror
Affiliation  Order of the Phoenix

Austin Greenley was a American student at Hogwarts and believed to be the fabled Heir of Gryffindor. He also was able to stop Voldemort from uprising once more.

Early Life

Austin Greenley was born in the eastern United States to a wizarding family. Austin was considered a "technical" Muggle-born, since his parents ( and many of his relatives, including his grandfather) were both Muggle-born wizards themslves.

Unexpectantly, Austin's grandfather, Leone Greenley, turned up dead. There were signs of a struggle, but no sign of a killer showed up. The only clue was that he was slaughtered by a Killing Curse. Later that same year, in 1994, Austin Leone Greenley was born.

Austin was considered a "technical" Muggle-born, since his parents were both Muggle-born wizards themslves.

Eleven years later, as Austin was waiting for a letter from the Salem Witches' Institute, received a unexpected letter from Hogwarts. It said that he had been accepted only because his grandfather had gone to Hogwarts and was a excellent student.

After much consideration, his parents allowed him to go to Hogwarts. His father, Robert Greenley, arranged for a portkey to London. The Greenley family stayed at the Leaky Cauldron and went to Diagon Alley to get his school supplies. On Septmember 1st, he boarded the Hogwarts Express to begin his 1st year at Hogwarts.

First Year

After a few tense moments, Austin was sorted into Gryffindor. He made fast friends with fellow American students David Johnson and Nick Jones.

Austin also found something in common with the Hogwarts Guard Auror, Carcio Varius. Varius revealed that he was Leone Greenley's protege in the Auror Department to Austin.

Austin found a mentor in Gryffindor 7th year and Head Boy, Crispin Cold. Crispin asked Austin many questions about his family, but Crispin seemed to be secretive about his family.

Austin even found a crush with a Slytherin 1st year, Sorano Rookwood. He adjusted surprisingly fast to be in a foreign land and made above average grades.

While staying up late one night, Austin was stunned by a hooded figure. He woke the following morning, staring into the face of Crispin.

The next night, Austin stayed up to see if the person returned. After a long night, a hooded Crispin darted out of the Common Room. Austin followed Crispin to the dungeons, where Crispin forced a Slytherin prefect to tell him the location of a bottle of unicorn's blood. After wiping the memory of the student, Crispin preceded to a secret store room.

Austin followed Crispin into the room, where he confronted him. Then, Crispin revealed himself to be what he truly was. Crispin was actually a Metamormagus and a Death Eater, nicknamed Phoenixfeathers.

Phoenixfeathers was really over seventy-years old, but disguised himself as a student to infiltrate Hogwarts and steal some rare items for a unnamed task.

Phoenixfeathers revealed further that he had killed Austin's grandfather nearly twelve years earlier. Austin tried to duel Phoenixfeathers, but was knocked out by a Stunning Spell.

Austin later woke in the Hospital Wing. He later took another portkey home with his parents, who he reluctantly told what had happened with Phoenixfeathers.

Second Year

After a long argument, Austin's parents allowed him to go to go back to Hogwarts. The year began normally, but took a horrible turn.

A student was killed on the grounds, with the Dark Mark cast over her. The school closing was being discussed.

After many months, three more deaths occured. The school was closing in a matter of days. But, on the grounds one night, Austin's best friend, David Johnson, was bitten by a werewolf.

While David was being rushed to the hospital wing, a group of seven Death Eaters attacked the school. Austin, who was still on the grounds, was rushed into the forest by Carcio Varius.

When deep in the forest, it was revealed that Phoenixfeathers had transformed into Varius and tricked Austin into the forest, to kill him.

The two dueled, but their wands connected in Priori Incantantum. A few victims of Phoenixfeathers' spirit's shot out of his wands.

Surprinsingly, Austin's grandfather appeared to him. About to lose the duel, the spector of Leone Greenley attacked Phoenixfeathers with all the his other victims.

In the hospital wing, Varius revealed to Austin that his and Pheonixfeathers wands had to have their cores from the same source.

After a few repairs, Hogwarts reopened. And after Varius "infleunced" Austin's parents, they agreed to let him attend Hogwarts again.

Third Year

After a rocky start, Austin was reluctant to go back. Again, odd things would soon begin happening. After doing normal homework research, Austin found a gap in the story of the four founders of Hogwarts. He began to dig deeper, but found nothing.

One night, he found his answer in a vision. In the dream, he looked upon a conversation of odd man and what appeared to be Godric Gryffindor. The man was named Pandora Penshire and Austin discovered that he was the "Lost Founder of Hogwarts". Penshire was very creative and helped the the known founders draw out and construct the confusing building of Hogwarts.

Pandora didn't want to be listed as one of the founders or he would be the target of anti-wizard predjudice of the era. But, in case anyone needed him at the campus he created, he left a self-portrait of himself to answer their needs.

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